Business English in Berlin. Let’s walk the talk!

Hi – I’m Corinne,

your friendly and fun International Communication Coach here in Berlin. I am from England and have lived in Germany since 1999, so my German is fluent enough to help you find all of the words you need.

Great to see you here at Byte Sized English. Let’s improve your Business English – in manageable “byte sized” chunks at a time and place to suit you.

My clients tell me that it is my open and honest personality that helps people, even really nervous people to relax and speak English more confidentally. That’s wicked isn’t it?

First I’ll help you to feel more confident speaking in English because communication is key. Soon, we move onto more specific business English skills that you need in your business or career immediately and in the near future and the more advanced ladies move on to communication coaching so that you can really start carving yourself a niche as an international expert, you’ll learn how to negotiate, present, pitch, negotiatie and speak confidentally in English.

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The Byte Sized Bootcamp gives you the confidence, know-how and support to finally make that all important language learning transition.

Are you ready to allow your language skills to unlock a world of opportunities?

Aswell as feeling fitter and more comfortable speaking in English, you will notice that you feel more self confident,  as you get “fit in English”.

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Outdoors & Online.


Join us on one of my #languagenergy Walk and Talk sessions here in Berlin & Potsdam to find what makes Byte Sized English so unique and enjoyable.  Each time we meet we discuss an article that you receive ahead of time. That gives you the right vocabulary and gives you a chance to think about the topic before we meet

Join us for a free trial sessions,
these are usually in Kladow or Wannsee.



English + Fitness + Networking = #languagenergy

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Find out more about me or follow me on Twitter @CocoInternomad for a better insight as to who I am, how I tick and how I can help you take your English and communication to the next level.

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