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Schluss mit der Quälerei! Lassen Sie sich helfen, um ihren Ruf als Experte zu optimieren.


I help experts in business to communicate convincingly in English.

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Whether you want to prepare for your next keynote presentation or a tough client meeting, I'll make sure you'll make a professional impression. Let's meet outdoors to practice your business conversation in the fresh air or online via video conferencing software.

VIP 1:1 Online Coaching

We meet online before you go to work. We prepare for your day ahead. You get into the office with 100% assurance that you can tackle today's communication with confidence with the right words, expressions and pronunciation to make a great impression every time.


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VIP 1:1 Outdoor Coaching

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I am an upbeat bilingual Brit and have been lucky enough to have lived and worked in London, Munich, Helsinki, Hamburg, Cologne, Oxford. Easy if you speak English, right?

Well, before becoming a Business English Trainer, I was a  marketing manager in financial services in London and Helsinki.

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family, so I am used to being involved in business communication and corporate problem solving.

From a young age I helped my German Dad to learn English, then our foreign students, then after studying and moving to Germany, to managers, board members and business owners.

I have a real knack of breaking down inhibitions and I am always searching for the most effective and enjoyable way for my clients to learn faster and more effectively. That’s why I use a blend of both online and face to face language learning approaches.

The cultural impact of communication never ceases to fascinate me. I love helping experts mostly in technology, marketing and HR to communicate more professionally with power and confidence. Check out my podcast.

No fluff. Pure fluency.

Coaching Experience

I've been teaching, training and coaching for more than 20 years.





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Why Learning Business English Outdoors Makes Sense

Written with the help of my new VA Emily Behr Academically Proven According to a study by the Universities of Munich and Mainz, outdoor learning is fundamental to boosting your motivation. Since moving and the fresh air supports the learning process, it is easier to...

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Just you and I as a VIP for tailor made coaching

or join one of my friendly Business Conversation groups in Berlin or Potsdam.
Improving your Business English one step at a time where nobody feels embarassed or inhibited. Let the nature stroke your soul and fuel your brain for a more relaxed yet focused approach to making a great impression in English.

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