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January, 2019
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VIP - 1:1 Coaching in Berlin & Online

Duration: 3 months
Berlin: Online or Berlin Mitte, Grunewald, Kladow
Pricing: 3000€

VIPs get exclusive access to 1:1 coaching with a business savvy Business English Coach from 7-9am so that you can prepare all of your business communication before you go to work or during your commute. You can then go into any conversation prepared and confident. Perhaps you want to be ready to participate in a telephone/web conference or you know that you will have an awkward conversation in English.

No problem, we’ll have dummy run – just you and I, face to face but online.

VIPs soon gain the self-assurance they need, knowing that they have the right vocabulary, pronunciation and structures on the tip of their tongue to establish themselves as the expert in person and in writing.  You become calmer and clearer.

My clients are encouraged to bring their communication challenges and correspondence to the coaching and we tackle them together.  We also discuss topics relevant to your industry or career. This means that you become really comfortable using the right language to connect both at work and in networking situations.

Practice makes perfect. VIPs have 60 minutes a week with a native speaking trainer, I soon get to understand your business and as I get to know you, it gets easier for us to work together to create exactly the right communication for every situation. 

If you are ready to really commit to improving your English, I’m here for you via WhatsApp, webinar and for Walk and Talk in Potsdam and Berlin.  For me you really are a Very Important Person and I invest time, energy, attention and commitment to making English as easy and enjoyable as possible.

I put the hours into delivering exactly the right approach for your learning style, communication requirements, technology preferences and level, so that you have more time and energy to do what you do best.

It’s actually really easy to improve your English if you have the right approach and a fun native speaker to motivate and correct you, as and when you need it.

  • Outdoor Activity 20% 20%
  • Online Activity 70% 70%
  • Skill Level 50% 50%
  • Fun Level 60% 60%

Together, we create a made to measure, referenced workbook in the cloud.
You can access it immediately and on the go, in a meeting or during business trips where everything you need to communicate effectively is documented for you. In addition to language feedback, lots of vocabulary and some grammatical structures, it also includes crosswords, links to grammar videos, business phrases, idioms used in business, colloquialisms and a comprehensive glossary.

It’s your personalised Business English book that you help to create – bit by bit –
based purely on the communication that you need to make a professional impression at work.

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