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Hi, I’m Corinne Wilhelm from the South West of England. I have been living in Germany since 1999 and I have been living in Berlin since 2010, it is an amazing city, I love it here.

I am an upbeat bilingual Brit and have been lucky enough to have lived and worked in London, Munich, Helsinki, Hamburg, Cologne, Oxford.

Easy if you speak English, right?

Who is Corinne Wilhelm? A communication coach on a mission to help female founders both as a Business English teacher that covers all corporate communication, starting with your elevator pitch in English, right through to press interviews and speaking on stage. With my support these phenomenal ladies get the confidence and competence to run their business more internationally.
  Wer ist Corinne Wilhelm?


So why Me, Corinne? 

Well, I’m fortunate to have had almost 10 years of middle management marketing experience in financial services before I started teaching Business English. I grew up in an entrepreneurial family, so business is my back yard and I have been teaching English since I was 16. I am passionate about learning languages and the cultural impact on communication never ceases to fascinate me.

Experienced Language Learner.

You see, of the five languages that I have had to learn independently for my career, Finnish was by far the toughest.  I was doing an Erasmus placement in marketing, so I had to learn fast but it was so extremely difficult that it really got me down.

The bubbly Corinne everybody knew from home had lost her voice and my personality seemed to have shrunk to the size of my vocabulary. I understood nothing, not one word. But I couldn’t give up, I had to crack this! I was determined not to trap myself in a linguistic and cultural bubble.

But learning Finnish certainly wasn’t working with the methods that I had used to learn German so I had to get smart about learning languages. This kick started quite an obsession about how different people learn languages, so I am still very interested in how the brain works, what approaches can be used predominantly online and outdoors to boost learning effectiveness.

I’ll show you how to learn a language, it is easier than just  “Determination & Commitment”

I was speaking Finnish within 6 months, it wasn’t elegant but it got me the most lucrative English teaching work in Helsinki.

I’m a down to earth person, I love finding out about people and it is a pleasure listening and learning from people, I love to help especially when it comes to boosting their brand or establishing themselves as the expert. Clients and friends tell me that this is probably why people seem to feel comfortable speaking English to me. In no time at all, even the people that are extremely embarrassed about their English, are a lot calmer, their fluency surprises them – but not me.

I’m not really sure how I manage this but it works and if I can provide a safe space to practice then that’s great, we all learn more if we are relaxed and open to new things. I refer to it as getting you out of your ‘linguistic defence zone’.

PLUS I hate compromise. I always need to find a way. I’m a determined little creature when I really want to help someone.

  • If my students don’t get it, it’s down to me to find a way that makes sense!”

My mission is to expose learners to the right language and communication for their business whilst anchoring grammar in a way that is not boring, patronising or irrelevant.

  • “It’s like there is a memory chip in the soap, I get out of the shower and I can remember everything, it is amazing! If you want to learn English and have fun doing it, join Corinne on her Language Energy Programme”.
    Moni Pfeffer’s reference to the Language Energy Programme used on retreats.
  • Corinne’s approach is “gemein aber fein”. Daikin Technical Sales Team             (cruel but clever)


BA(Hons) Business Studies
Chartered Institute in Marketing Diploma
Online Teaching Qualification
Nordic Walking Trainer (DSV)


Roland Berger
Astra Zeneca
Nordea Bank
Sokos Group
FHS Salzburg
FHS Kokkola, Rovaniemi, Kemijärvi
Various Ministeries

Testimonials, recommendations and successful clients are what makes this so rewarding. More testimonials coming soon.


Sicherer Umgang mit englischer Korrespondenz – Regeln, Praxistipps, Musterbriefe und Textbausteine

Deutschsprachig mit vielen englischsprachigen Beispielen und Insights …von Heidi Floßbach und Corinne Wilhelm Ebook Correspondence in English
Englische Korrespondenz In englischer Sprache zu korrespondieren ist in unserer globalen (Geschäfts-) Welt nichts Außergewöhnliches mehr. Dieser Kurs richtet sich an Personen, die sich im Umgang mit der englischen Sprache unsicher fühlen und die sich mit den Regeln und Gepflogenheiten der englischen Korrespondenz vertraut machen wollen.


4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Corinne
    Thanks for the follow. We appreciate it. As Americans we think your viewpoint on English is quite fascinating. What you may not know is the ignorance level of English in the USA where a whole generation of texting idiot kids have butchered English beyond anything we learned back when. Interesting how the Malayisans where we are moving to write, read and articulate 100 times better than almost all Americans. But that doesn’t surprise us in a land where most know nothing outside their won borders. Anyway, I always support anything that empowers woman even though I’m not the woman so all the power to you and good luck !!
    Rob and Diane

  2. Nice to meet you today on the #UKBusinessLunch, i was hosting from my Twitter account @Recipe2Success. I will be coming to Berlin this November for The View. Would be great to see you should you have time to meet up?

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