About Me

Hi, I’m Corinne Wilhelm from the South West of England. I have been living in Germany since 1999 and I have been living in Berlin since 2010, it is an amazing city, I love it here.

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I am an upbeat bilingual Brit and have been lucky enough to have lived and worked in London, Munich, Helsinki, Hamburg, Cologne, Oxford.

Easy if you speak English, right?

Who is Corinne Wilhelm? A communication coach on a mission to help female founders both as a Business English teacher that covers all corporate communication, starting with your elevator pitch in English, right through to press interviews and speaking on stage. With my support these phenomenal ladies get the confidence and competence to run their business more internationally.
Wer ist Corinne Wilhelm?


So why Me, Corinne? 

Well, I’m fortunate to have had almost 10 years of middle management marketing experience in financial services before I became a freelance Business English trainer. I grew up in an entrepreneurial family, so business is my back yard and I have been teaching English since I was 16. I am passionate about learning languages and the cultural impact on communication never ceases to fascinate me.

Experienced Language Learner.

You see, of the five languages that I have had to learn independently for my career, Finnish was by far the toughest.  I was doing an Erasmus placement in marketing, so I had to learn fast but it was so extremely difficult that it really got me down.

The bubbly Corinne everybody knew from home had lost her voice and my personality seemed to have shrunk to the size of my vocabulary. I understood nothing, not one word. But I couldn’t give up, I had to crack this! I was determined not to trap myself in a linguistic and cultural bubble.

But learning Finnish certainly wasn’t working with the methods that I had used to learn German so I had to get smart about learning languages. This kick started quite an obsession about how different people learn languages, so I am still very interested in how the brain works, what approaches can be used predominantly online and outdoors to boost learning effectiveness.



Bachelors of Arts (Hons) Business Studies (BWL)
Diploma Chartered Institute of Marketing
Online Teaching Qualification (Institute of Management)
Nordic Walking Trainer (DSV)


Roland Berger
Astra Zeneca
Nordea Bank
FHS Salzburg, University of Munich
FHS Kokkola, FHS Rovaniemi, FHS Kemijärvi
Ministry of Health,
Ministry for the Environment.
Sokos Group

Testimonials, recommendations and successful clients are what makes this so rewarding. More testimonials coming soon.



Sicherer Umgang mit englischer Korrespondenz – Regeln, Praxistipps, Musterbriefe und Textbausteine

Deutschsprachig mit vielen englischsprachigen Beispielen und Insights …von Heidi Floßbach und Corinne Wilhelm

Englische Korrespondenz In englischer Sprache zu korrespondieren ist in unserer globalen (Geschäfts-) Welt nichts Außergewöhnliches mehr. Dieser Kurs richtet sich an Personen, die sich im Umgang mit der englischen Sprache unsicher fühlen und die sich mit den Regeln und Gepflogenheiten der englischen Korrespondenz vertraut machen wollen.