Xing into Vitamin B(eziehung)

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  For those of you working in a German speaking market, or working with clients, suppliers or freelancers in either Germany, Austria or Switzerland, then Xing should be on your radar, it is the German language equivalent to the business networking portal,  Linked In.

Prefixes Revisited

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Learning a language one word at a time is an approach that beginners use but once your vocabulary expands it is no longer the most effective vocabulary boosting strategy. Being familiar with prefixes can make guesswork a lot easier, both in terms of speaking English and understanding it – either in conversation or in writing.

Autumn Look Book

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I luuurve autumn! I know, some of you are still clinging holding on tightly on to the last sunny days but I am a bit warped strange like that. I really look forward to the weather changing and I  am on the look out for beautiful leaves which have fallen to my feet in a range […]