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Why Worldwide?

A short post today because you’ll be listening instead of reading.

When you are in business, a lot of people ask you why you run your business a certain way. This is a question I get asked a lot, I hope you enjoy the first of many soundbytes.

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How leaders can communicate their success clearly and consistently

Leadership is not only about managing your team but also representing your team.

If the decision makers don’t know how your team is contributing to the success of the organisation as a whole, then you are letting your team down. In the long term you might be jeopardizing their, and in turn your own existence. Continue reading How leaders can communicate their success clearly and consistently

Are you Looking for Investors?

Well the chances are that those investors will be outside the country, which means that English is going to be the way forward. There are about 335m English speakers worldwide, about 430m if we include non-native speakers. Now no doubt you can speak and read English well enough, but what about telling someone about your start up? Chances are that you could but … isn’t it time to make your English more professional and more  – convincing!

There’s no such thing as an undo button in a meeting you know.  No matter how relaxed the situation is, first impressions do count, especially if the person you are trying to impress, is thinking about funding your start up. Why leave something like that to chance?

Why not join our English Enhancement Programme?
We learn how to use the English you need today to get results.

Are you eating, breathing, sleeping, thinking and dreaming start up with just days left?

Would you like to have a place where you could drop in to find out whether the person writing the email is being ironic, rude or pragmatic? Bring your language headaches and get the opinion of a native speaker and others that have already given pitches or are planning their own.  We give you a second chance to make a first impression – with native speaking corporate trainers that have coached many others like you.

This is a global, virtual solution that will drive your new business from day one, because

if what you say, doesn’t make sense in English,

you are closing the door on investors.

So go byte sized today.

Byte Sized English Club – Abi Englisch to the rescue!

No need to sigh, just log in and check out the tasks and activities all neatly bundled into byte sized chunks, making it more manageable, more doable, more fun. Remember though that this is just for techie chicks that need to get a decent grade in English but don’t seem to be able to get started.

It’s a closed group because going forward, this won’t just be about getting you through your ABI exam, but will be THE place to check in if you are worried about the English you will need for entrance exams, job interviews, team management skills and perhaps in the not to distant future, emigrating to work abroad.

This is your network, for IT chicks with the ambition to get on in their career but without the ego that makes people squirm. After all you can be brilliant without shouting from the rooftops right?

It costs €1 to try, €9,99 after that. The great thing is that you get a free month’s membership if you join by February 4th 2014 and a surprise in the post for each friend that joins up by that time too.