Communication Coaching with a Native Speaker from Britain

Byte Sized Business English PERSONAL TRAINING

This has been designed specifically entrepreneurs and experts who need to improve their English don’t really have the time or inspiration for regular classroom or meeting room based lessons.

This is my fast track programme. 3 Months. Tailor made just for you. This is more than just Business English training, this is Communication Coaching for success in international business that focuses purely on you and your business.

Corinne Wilhelm, your British, bilingual coach

You get personal one to one training with me, your British Business English trainer and communication coach. I help you to discover exactly the right English for your business and then practice using it so that it feels comfortable and natural.

I am your international business communication hero.
On the Job * One to One * Discrete via your Device
My support >>> Your success!

I’m here to help you during your personal training, to check things over for you and help you to practice ahead of time the language that you will need in specific business situations coming up in your work life. That means that you go into each scenario, prepared and confident. You will know the right words and phrases to make a professional impression, establishing yourself as the expert.

I’ll be helping you via live personal sessions in a virtual classroom – it’s perfect if what you really need is practice ‘speaking’ more. We schedule live sessions at a time to suit your business and communication needs. Your pace, your agenda!

The focus is on business conversation with lots of vocabulary enriching business specific discussions and personal coaching to deep dive on your personal weaknesses. You will be surprised at how quickly you have the confidence and skills to communicate more effectively in English. Voluntarily.

If you do not feel confident enough to manage any business situation in English in three months, I will refund 100% of your money.

What you’ll get…

2 x 45 minute Live Sessions per week to attend online. Each week we’ll be learning about how to communicate in a different business situation in English. There is always time to ask questions and suggest future topics, discuss job critical requirements etc, keeping this 100% relevant to your language learning objectives and requirements.

WhatsApp Language Immersion of grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation challenges and quizzes, with some idioms and dialogues to practice.


Students & Apprentices €399/Month 
10% discount if you pay in advance €1200 €1080,30

Employees & Entrepreneurs €480/Month
10% discount if you pay in advance €1440  €1296,00

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Industry/Career specific Business English training is usually tax deductible
100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee


Monthly Modules will soon be available to work though independently too, with video, audio, text and discussions plus a worksheet and additional resources. This will only be available from January 2018 but if you sign up for personal coaching between now and January 1, you will receive these online modules free of charge for 1 month)


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