Freaking out about your English exam for your ABI 2014?

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Well you are not alone! It feels like though, doesn’t it? Chances are that everyone’s saying that they haven’t started revising yet, but how can you be sure?  You realise that you should have started revising already but the moment you pick up your English stuff you sink your head in your hands, not knowing where on earth to start. Right?

Hey listen, you don’t have to do this on your own. You don’t need to be cooped up in your room like billy no mates, with just dictionaries and grammar rules for company.  Just log in to facebook. Yes, it’s as easy as that, just log in and chat in English, I’ll give language feedback kindly and discretely, either individually in a private message or if I think everybody can learn something from it I’ll write a blog entry about it instead – no finger pointing, just constructive learning.

It costs just 99 cent to try it out for a month, then it’s €9.99 a month. We’ll break up that revision into byte sized chunks with discussions, quizzes, activities, Google Hangouts and much much more. What you really need is practice and you’re not going to get that couped up in your room feeling fed up are you?

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    1. Hi there and thanks for taking a few moments to write a comment, I really appreciate that. In fact my latest blog posted mentioned this very point … Are you a teacher? If so where are you based and which age do you teach? Or are you an academic researcher perhaps?

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