Half Day Intensives to fast track your English in Berlin

Great. Let’s finally get your English back on track! Together with a native speaking coach, it is faster and more effective, more fun too!

1. Coffee & goals

2. Walk The Talk,

3. Lunch & small talk

4. Online Practice

5. Monthly Webinar

3 hours focusing purely on the English you need for your business to grow.

If we are to be the best, we need to invest time and money to stand out. Being able to speak English with confidence will open doors for you – opportunities that your competition won’t have.

Your company image and reputation is dependent on how your organisation is positioned. As the CEO of your company, you need to be a great communicator. Improving your English means that you have access to other markets, to both people and profits worldwide.

You deserve it!

More importantly, you have worked really hard to get where you are now, isn’t it time to invest a bit of time in yourself? You deserve some time off, but do you take it? Probably not.  So here’s a workaround to make it seem less like an indulgence. Do something that you enjoy, something that gets you out of the office and into nature. By walking the talk with me, you’ll not only feel great, it’s beneficial for your business too.

Indulgent? Slightly
Effective? Absolutely!

An intensive 3-hour session is a great way to start feeling more confident about your English – fast.


Do you want  “The Byte Vibe”?

You’ll go back to the office feeling energised and empowered to use their English. Fondly referred to by my clients as the Byte Vibe.

Almost immediately, you will feel much more comfortable using English at work. It is time for YOU to become known as an expert not just nationally, but also internationally! Yes you can.

Your journey starts here.
Let’s start translating your expertise into English.
Because there is never the perfect time unless YOU CREATE IT.

It makes sense to work on your English on a one to one basis.
Just the two of us, no need to waste energy on being embarrassed about your English! Guys are very welcome too of course.

What can I expect?


  1. The Mix is MagicalWe meet for a coffee/tea, to talk about your current language needs and some past tense small talk about your business.
  2. “Walk the talk” in English, I discretely evaluate your language as we walk but you won’t realise it immediately, this is nothing like school. I record the conversation so that I can give you 100% relevant language feedback in the online or mobile learning space.
  3. We treat ourselves to something delicious for lunch (great for practising small talk.) We leave time to recap and practice anything specific. Finally, I’ll give you some hardcore personal language feedback. You can use it to improve your English easily and immediately PLUS you’ll get a personal challenge to help you engage in business communication immediately. Lunch is on me! (I pay)
  4. Online via the closed  FB “Byte Sized English Bootcamp” or via Whats App, I provide you with even more language feedback. You will get the opportunity to practice your new language skills. You will also get tasks that get you thinking in English via writing, listening, reading and watching videos relevant to your business and industry. It is virtual immersion to go with a group of great business women that you’ll be inspired by.
  5. Once a month #languagenergy clients get access to a FREE WEBINAR once a month that you can register for (with a recording afterwards via email)  in case you cannot attend live.

So as you can see #languagenergy is not just walking and talking in English,( although that in itself is phenomenally effective), but rather it is a blend of both ‘walk the talk’ AND virtual support either online or mobile.

Blended learning is an education program (formal or informal) that combines online digital media with traditional face to face methods.

How much does it cost?

€349 plus tax (including lunch)  per intensive personal session. I recommend taking six monthly sessions – it makes more sense from a language learning perspective, costing slightly less, (€2000 payable in 2 instalments. Tax deductable because it is always career/business specific.

€1000 is paid 7 business days before the first session
€1000 is paid 7 business days before the fourth session.

If you value your time and your professionalism then you will love this tailor made, personal training that gets you FIT IN ENGLISH. 

Fit in English in 12 months or less.

Instead of keeping you coming back for more, my mission is to give you intensive support, half a day at a time, plus the online support and webinars for 6-12 months depending on your goals and commitment and then I invite you to join another more cost effective programme. Within 12 months, you will no longer need personal coaching.

Nothing personal but after 12 months you shouldn’t need me any more apart from maybe a power hour for something specific like an important pitch, presentation, tricky staff meeting or similar. The idea is not only to teach you English but to give you the tools to keep your skills up to date and activated.

Let’s Find a Date?

So if you’re up for it (interested)  just fill out your details below and You’ll receive your tax deductable invoice by email and a selection of available dates.

See you on the other side.