Smart Phone English

Smart Phone English

  • Have you wanted to do improve your English for ages?

  • Do you lack the motivation to get started?

  • Do you hate the idea of going back to school?

  • Do you have a smart phone and use WhatsApp™?

  • Would it feel great, to feel more confident speaking in English?

  • Would you love a relaxed, welcoming way to learn? 

  • Are you ready to improve your English?


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How does it work?

You’ll be added to the English to Go broadcast and will receive an audio file to listen to or a video to watch in English with questions to answer.  Each week there is a different topic, so you will get to learn a lot of new vocabulary. If you have any questions that you only want me to see, just reply to the broadcast message. That’s our private connection. Topic suggestions always welcome too!

3 times a week minimum plus the group chat 24/7 on an ‘urge to chat’ basis.


Wednesdays. New Topic & Conversation Questions

Fridays Something Fun (often you can do this with your kids)


Tuesdays Vocabulary & Language Feedback


Each week you will learn

*  new vocabulary, specific to that week’s topic
*  grammar tips and tricks
*  pronunciation practice – 3 words a week and a phrase/question
*  an idiom and
*  language learning tip


How do I learn English Conversation without actually speaking?

To chat about the week’s topic with other language learners you will need to go to the English2GoGROUP.  

The process of ‘chatting’ in a messenger like Whats App is very similar to speaking, you need to find the right words and work out how the grammar will fit in. As you become more confident I will encourage you to use the microphone option in the group too, this is excellent practice.

At the end of the month there is a live webinar and each of you will be invited to do a tiny super fast presentation. It might seem nerve wracking now but a month from now that won’t be the case because you will have more vocabulary and confidence. I promise. You will be prepared, trust me!

The more practice you get using the group to discuss the lesson I sent you, the more fluent you will become.


How much time will this take me?


Just find 10-12 minutes a couple of times a day or week then this is designed for you.  Learning via your smart phone makes it easier to keep practicing your English little and often all week. The time you spend answering the conversation questions will go down as you get better at English, in fact usually in half the time after 6 months.

You’re the boss, you decide when and for how long!

I hope to make it so good that you’ll be checking your phone and chatting away in English more and more as your English improves, but of course only when you have time.


Will it all be in English? This is hard work!

Yes gorgeous it will be all in English because I want to be able to welcome language learners from all over the world.

Practice makes perfect remember.

Sounds great, how much will it cost?

Finding The Right Vocabulary Together


€24,99 per month including your monthly webinar (with a recording in case you can’t make it live).

You’ll be in touch with me your upbeat native speaking trainer from England who can correct your mistakes week by week and ease you into the English speaking world with regular fun activities and discussions.

You’ll be a part of an upbeat English learning community via your smart phone at a time and place to suit YOU.

That’s great value considering my regular fee is €75 per hour, don’t you think?

€1 for my dream team testers in Feb, you know who you are 🙂 Thx

SAVE If you pay in advance every half a year, rather than monthly, you get a 10% discount >>> 6 x €24,99 = €149.94 >> €134,95.


If you subscribe for a whole year after the €1 test month, I’ll even send you a free English book (only available while stocks last as I only have 14 copies)  Friday 10th March 2017. That’s €269,90.

You can cancel a month in advance any time by email. (

To keep my costs to a minimum I require you to pay automatically each month, so that I can spend the time creating great learning activities and not chasing payments.

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Any questions just call me on 030 36289155

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and as promised (wanted to tempt you into reading it in English first) … The German language video, as you will see my German is far from perfect.