Language Energy

Languagenergy is a really effective way to learn English . It combines walking outdoors to get your brain and heart working then online we work on your writing, reading and grammar.

* Improve your English
* Walk n Talk
* Network & learn from other professional women (groups)

Three business boosting benefits at once. How cool is that?

Language Energy keeps you fit, giving you more energy and concentration, so it not only makes you fit but helps you to be more productive and stress resistant too.

It’s not a coincidence that energy levels crash and burn in a meeting room, with no fresh air, no movement and only coffee and cookies for distraction. I get you outdoors and let’s face it you rarely go outside on your own do you? It’s easier to get active with someone else!


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Listen to the inspiration behind this incredible new approach to language training.

WHAT IS IT? So we walk and talk in English. It’s like a language lesson to go with an extra portion of business small talk on top. It’s really effective because we are outdoors, getting our hearts pumping with some light exercise to stimulate our brains and it is fantastic in terms of remembering and being able to USE vocabulary and grammar!

1. UNIQUE & EFFECTIVE It is a lot better than any other language training that I have experienced in the last 15 years.

2. FLEXIBLE There is no need to be a fitness queen or language guru, we are here to get into shape, physically and linguistically 🙂

3. POPULAR. What customers say about it….



“Corinne has a way of getting us to relax,I am not sure how she does it; but when we are walking; the words just flow.”

“It’s like there is a memory chip in the shower gel. I can remember the new words and I can even remember who said what and where we were on the walk”

“Gemein aber Fein!” (Kind of mean, but brilliant!) 

NWTechnique Your walking dictionary!


We  meet in….

* Potsdam/Kladow 

* Charlottenburg, Berlin

* Tiergarten, Berlin

* Friedrichshain

Corporate Groups at a time and place to suit your organisation (Maximum of 4 participants) transferable (business travel or illness)



  • Small Talk
  • Business Conversation
  •  Industry News Reviews
  •  Functional Focus (marketing, finance etc)
  • Progress Reports and Success Stories
  • Language Drilling 
  • Accountability

Is language energy for me?

1. It’s perfect for Mums just about to return to work after maternity leave. If you are an employer why not reward your returning Mums in the last 8 weeks of their maternity leave, it gives them a taste of what is to come in terms of the logistics of child care and the language and soft skills to give them the confidence they’ll welcome to return to work and re-establish themselves as a valued part of the team. This very open and pragmatic approach to language learning gives a lot of women a real confidence boost.

2. It’s also great for women that are already back at work after having a family but have yet to make that first real career jump since returning to work. Perhaps you are thinking about a career change but worry that you will require stronger English skills. You are probably working part time or flexible hours. If you want to work more internationally, let’s raise your game!

3. For those of you with your own business,. Perhaps you know that you ought to be engaging more on social media in English or targeting international recruits or clients, but feel stupid or nervous about making mistakes.

4. No Time to go to lessons. If you travel a lot or have a lot of responsibility at work, you might just not have the time or head space to go to lessons. This way you are forced to leave your desk, get some fresh air. Give yourself the opportunity to recharge and revamp your English at the same time. You’ll be managing your time super effectively by combining three important activities at once.

The 100% relevance of personal training means that you can be driving your business internationally from Day 1.

2014-05-21 09.41.30

  No more dictionary needed!

“I’m your walking dictionary”.

I’m a native speaker, from the UK with industry experience in financial services of technology, media and project work at management level.

It’s tough learning a language after work

I know it is! Having had to learn four languages for my career, I also have lots of language learning experience to share, I learned Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and German independently whilst in full time employment, so I had to find a way that made it relevant, fun and rewarding.

Quite frankly it was REALLY hard, especially Finnish, so I am happy to help you fast-track that process, so that you can invest your energy in creating the career that you deserve.

Soon you won’t need me to be your mobile dictionary because with language energy, the words just flow. Soon you will realise that you know a lot more words and can find them when you need them.

SAVE TIME: Why invest time going to an evening class, another evening to go to the gym and once again heading into the city for networking, when we can do all three at once?

Don’t beat yourself up about neglecting one of these, just defragment your time.

Let’s be honest, you are probably neglecting either your English, your fitness or networking. Perhaps all three. Don’t you think it is time to put yourself first for just a couple of hours a week?




How do I assure 100% relevance?

Well, your language feedback is based purely on the mistakes that you have made on the walk, not some rigid grammar lesson plan that isn’t a good fit for your language weaknesses. After all, we’re grown ups now, right?

Later, treat yourself to a drink or snack and work on your grammar in quizzes, print out or practice vocabulary from the visual memes and discuss what we talked about in the discussion group.

Why learn like we did in school if we have no more tests? Research shows that learning grammar is actually detrimental to language acquisition because applying the rules takes time – time that busy professional women don’t have time for.

So INSTEAD we practice it in the context of your own daily work and it becomes a part of your language. There wasn’t enough time for that at school and non-native speaking teachers often feel uncomfortable speaking in English themselves, despite being excellent at the grammar (hence all of that reading and writing)

There is a strong focus on CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH but your grammar will get a workout too. Grammar by osmosis!

How soon will I notice that my English is improving?

Most of my personal training customers notice themselves relaxing and finding the right words after just tw0 or three sessions.  Most of them are really embarassed about their English to start with. For groups this happens towards the end of the first set of six sessions, earlier if you take advantage of the mobile learning extras.

Who is this unique language training approach NOT ideal for?

People who…. …found English easy at school. …do not want to be recorded during the walk. …want to bring loud, slow, aggressive dogs. …have no specific language learning goal. …are still beginners in English. …take offence to be spoken to in the ‘du’ form in German. We like it friendly and relaxed. …want to learn English in the evenings or weekends.

What does is cost?

You pay a monthly subscription a month in advance.

GROUP TRAINING €79 for 8 walking sessions plus mobile learning (6 learners per group)

PERSONAL TRAINING for the no-compromise approach

Twin Tour (2 hours & coffee)
(Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays)
Book 6 Sessions for a 10% discount (€1500

Triple Tour (3 hours, coffee & lunch)
( Wednesday, Thursdays)
Book 6 Sessions for a 15% discount (€2250 €2047,50)

Always payable in advance with a 24 hour cancellation policy.




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