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Englisch ist mittlerweile eine wichtige Geschäftssprache, vor allem wenn man international oder in Europa tätig ist. Auch beim Networking kommt es immer häufiger vor, dass Englisch gesprochen wird. Englisch wird oft gesprochen, wenn Geschäftsleute aus unterschiedlichen Ländern zu einer Besprechung kommen. Es wird dann oft als gemeinsame Sprache benutzt. Nicht immer sind ihre Kontakte aus englischsprachigen Ländern und somit ist Englisch für sie beide eine Fremdsprache.  Also seien mutig, trauen Sie sich zu sprechen und nutzen Sie die Möglichkeit zum Austausch. Englisch ermöglicht es Ihnen, Ihr Fachwissen in einen (oder mehrere) internationalen Markt zu bringen.

Mehr als 840M  Menschen sprechen Englisch als Muttersprache oder zweite Sprache. Damit ist die englische Sprache die am zweithäufigsten gesprochene Sprache nach Mandarin. Sie ist die offizielle Sprache in ein bombastische 67 Ländern und 27 nicht-unabhängigen Entitäten wie Hong Kong oder Puerto Rico.

Also mit Englisch kommen Sie einfach überall ins Gespräch.

Wussten Sie das …der Redewendung „long time no see“ soll eine wörtliche Übersetzung von einem indianischen oder chinesischen Ausdruck sein. Eigentlich ist es deswegen grammatisch gesehen eine Katastrophe, wird aber trotzdem von sehr viele native speakers benutzt.

Business Englisch bezieht sich gezielt auf die richtige Vokabeln, Grammatik und Aussprache der eine gute Eindruck macht ins Geschäftsleben. Egal ob Sie Berufstätig sind oder eine eigene Firma begrundet habe, bei Business Englisch finden Sie die richtige Begriffe, Terminologie, Networking Redewendungen und viel mehr um deine Auftritt sicherer und selbstbewusst zu gestalten. Bei unser #languagenergy Kurse, werden Business Themen diskutiert und analysiert an Hand eine Reportage (im voraus bekannt gemacht) und unterschiedliche Blickwinkel aus eine Bandbreite an Industrien und Funktionen (Marketing, Finanz usw). Gleichzeitig gehen wir, damit unser Körper und Geist in Bewegung kommen.

Konventionelles Business Englisch findet in Meeting Rooms statt  – aber Vorsicht! Da ist die Aufmerksamkeit nur seltern zu erkennen!

Wenn Sie Ihre Englisch Kenntnissen verbessern wollen oder auffrischen wollen dann Besuchen Sie uns einfach in unser Facebook Gruppe “Professional English for Women” da wird Business Englisch  Themen angesprochen.

What’s a walking dictionary anyway? Let’s Walk The Talk!


When I ‘walk the talk’ with the sharp entrepreneurs who are incorporating their language learning into her fitness regime, I’ll often hear “Oh this is cool, it’s like having my personal walking dictionary”.

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Native Speaking Trainer Takes You From Procrastination to Professionalism.

You know how it is –  you keep meaning to “do something about your English” but find yourself reaching for your English novel, thinking “Well it’s better than nothing”.

It is.

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Sneak preview for start ups. Join the Kiss The Bear Business English Challenge!

I love this time of year when you get a chance to take a look at what worked well for your business and what didn’t. I normally find that I have hindered my own success by not having had the courage to overcome a fear of one kind or another.

This year I finally I realised that I cannot help enough people if I am working purely one to one with people here in Berlin. Online learning will let me access a more international audience.

Listen instead?


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Behind the Scenes. It’s not just a walk in the park.

In this great weather I am the envy of many. “Oooh, you’re lucky, you can just stay at home and don’t have to commute to work!” Well it is true that I don’t have to commute to my own office, but I normally pick up my clients from theirs (unless they are job hunting) and when I am not out and about walking with clients or trying out new routes I’m planning meticulously:


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Wowser Wednesday! Experience The New English Conversation Approach!

The rain has already been and gone, no more registrations please. This is ideal if you can appreciate the balance of learning a language with movement, it makes learning English soooo much more effective.

So no matter how rusty your English is, …

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Are you Looking for Investors?

Well the chances are that those investors will be outside the country, which means that English is going to be the way forward. There are about 335m English speakers worldwide, about 430m if we include non-native speakers. Now no doubt you can speak and read English well enough, but what about telling someone about your start up? Chances are that you could but … isn’t it time to make your English more professional and more  – convincing!

There’s no such thing as an undo button in a meeting you know.  No matter how relaxed the situation is, first impressions do count, especially if the person you are trying to impress, is thinking about funding your start up. Why leave something like that to chance?

Why not join our English Enhancement Programme?
We learn how to use the English you need today to get results.

Are you eating, breathing, sleeping, thinking and dreaming start up with just days left?

Would you like to have a place where you could drop in to find out whether the person writing the email is being ironic, rude or pragmatic? Bring your language headaches and get the opinion of a native speaker and others that have already given pitches or are planning their own.  We give you a second chance to make a first impression – with native speaking corporate trainers that have coached many others like you.

This is a global, virtual solution that will drive your new business from day one, because

if what you say, doesn’t make sense in English,

you are closing the door on investors.

So go byte sized today.

Little & Often – I’ll show you how

Little & Often - I'll show you how

If you are up against a deadline for more than one task, then little and often is the way to go. Byte Sized English delivers just that – short, fun snippets of language know how and practice that you can do on the go. You need help with an email, copy and paste into a post and we’ll work out if it is irony or rudeness, confusion or desperation.

Undercover English – Learning Vocab on the go

Undercover English >>> Try this language learning game…next time you are out and about – either on your own or with friends that are telling a story that you have already heard – go undercover.

REMEMBER You need to resist staring at the people in question – not good for street cred.

Now, look for people engrossed in conversation and try to work out what they might be saying to each other and see if you can interpret in your head. (in English of course!)

You can take it seriously or be a little far fetched and dramatic or just plain silly and rediculous.

Now I know that this isn’t rocket science, but that is exactly the point, learning a language can be a lot of fun. This is just one of many time effective ways of revising without any paper, pen or solitude that will point out your weaknesses.

AND ACTION …. Try it out and report back on our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/bytesizedenglishclub/
for more tips and tricks  … for the techie chicks (just had to add that because it rhymes)

Language Learning Games

Byte Sized English Club – Abi Englisch to the rescue!

No need to sigh, just log in and check out the tasks and activities all neatly bundled into byte sized chunks, making it more manageable, more doable, more fun. Remember though that this is just for techie chicks that need to get a decent grade in English but don’t seem to be able to get started.

It’s a closed group because going forward, this won’t just be about getting you through your ABI exam, but will be THE place to check in if you are worried about the English you will need for entrance exams, job interviews, team management skills and perhaps in the not to distant future, emigrating to work abroad.

This is your network, for IT chicks with the ambition to get on in their career but without the ego that makes people squirm. After all you can be brilliant without shouting from the rooftops right?

It costs €1 to try, €9,99 after that. The great thing is that you get a free month’s membership if you join by February 4th 2014 and a surprise in the post for each friend that joins up by that time too.