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What’s a walking dictionary anyway? Let’s Walk The Talk!


When I ‘walk the talk’ with the sharp entrepreneurs who are incorporating their language learning into her fitness regime, I’ll often hear “Oh this is cool, it’s like having my personal walking dictionary”.

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That jaw dropping moment…watch their faces!

Let’s face it, if someone walked up to your desk and started speaking English ‘at’ you at full speed, you’d panic, right? Well frankly most of us would – unless of course we had some hot English speaking lover or something – but more about that shortly.


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Women in Technology just Walk and Talk their way into International Success

Corinne Wilhelm from Byte Sized English is thrilled to announce the launch of her improved new ‘Language Energy‘ program to help women in technology learn English at the same time as walking and networking, giving them the confidence and international communication skills to supercharge their career. 


If you have been focusing on getting your career off the ground, probably focusing on national projects or clients so far, you might want to take this upbeat, ‘nothing like school’ approach to supercharging your English for your gold card into international business. 

It’s been specifically designed for women that want to work on their English in a flexible and independent way, it is perfect if you are on maternity leave but also a discrete way to work on your English if you have already decided that you are ready for a career change but that your English is holding you back

Corinne puts her success down to the fact that she has a ‘knack for helping learners relax and overcome inhibitions’. These women love the fact that they have finally discovered a way to master the English language without going to ‘lessons’. The conversation topics on route, focus on technologically focused professional situations, making this 100% career relevant.


“With only six to twelve months (3-6 months for personal training) of English training outdoors, where our hearts are pumping, fuelling our brains with oxygen, the women soon become more comfortable speaking English and that is where the magic happens! These technology and media experts rapidly gain a strong command of the English language and hence the confidence to land senior positions anywhere in the world or closer to home on international projects. 

What Corinne loves about “language Energy” most is that “it makes them feel great and it is that surge of pride that motivates me to help these brilliant women break out of that cage of linguistic insecurity!”

Women just like you, are already establishing themselves as experts in the industry but they might not have used their professional English often enough to be as confident as they ought to be in an international setting. 

Sound familiar?

So what’s the secret to success? Corinne shrugs modestly and puts it down to

” Being outdoors certainly fosters an approachable, down to earth, supportive learning community in which you can (re) discover your English vocabulary and grammar, but most of my ladies already have all the knowledge and industry expertise to stand out from other applicants.” Corinne Wilhelm, the native speaking language trainer and founder is very passionate and it’s infectious!



Remember ladies that the technology and media industries can be particularly demanding so learning to take care of your body and soul can help you shrug off potential career challenges.

The fact that you have finally taken some time out for yourself will give you some much needed stress relief, something we all need as we juggle family and professionalism.


Is that it?

Well actually no, Corinne is increasingly incorporating more and more of the 26 brain gym movements into her concept and a nice clear structure so that you know roughly what to expect next. The big bonus is the online support and mobile learning, which to my mind, is what makes this learning concept really unique. More about that in another post.

Join us in the first week of July for a €5 trial session,


Wed 8th July 

The official start of the language energy programme will be Tuesday 1st September but there will be online language learning support via the facebook for Professional English for Women in Technology.

SIGN UP for your €5 TRIAL today.
There are only six spaces per session, so 18 places that day.

Language Practice Paralysis

So this week we have had a junior school French exchange student here, staying with us as part of a fabulous school initiative, only the problem is that I don’t really speak much French and the 10 year old girl, G does not speak much German yet either, or English. Both of the children have only been learning German and French respectively since late summer last year. Talk about ‘in at the deep end!”.
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