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Little & Often – I’ll show you how

Little & Often - I'll show you how

If you are up against a deadline for more than one task, then little and often is the way to go. Byte Sized English delivers just that – short, fun snippets of language know how and practice that you can do on the go. You need help with an email, copy and paste into a post and we’ll work out if it is irony or rudeness, confusion or desperation.

Undercover English – Learning Vocab on the go

Undercover English >>> Try this language learning game…next time you are out and about – either on your own or with friends that are telling a story that you have already heard – go undercover.

REMEMBER You need to resist staring at the people in question – not good for street cred.

Now, look for people engrossed in conversation and try to work out what they might be saying to each other and see if you can interpret in your head. (in English of course!)

You can take it seriously or be a little far fetched and dramatic or just plain silly and rediculous.

Now I know that this isn’t rocket science, but that is exactly the point, learning a language can be a lot of fun. This is just one of many time effective ways of revising without any paper, pen or solitude that will point out your weaknesses.

AND ACTION …. Try it out and report back on our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/bytesizedenglishclub/
for more tips and tricks  … for the techie chicks (just had to add that because it rhymes)

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