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Schluss mit der Quälerei! Lassen Sie sich helfen, um ihren Ruf als Experte zu optimieren.


I help experts in business to communicate convincingly in English.

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Whether you want to prepare for your next keynote presentation or a tough client meeting, I'll make sure you'll make a professional impression. Let's meet outdoors to practice your business conversation in the fresh air or online via video conferencing software.

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I am an upbeat bilingual Brit and have been lucky enough to have lived and worked in London, Munich, Helsinki, Hamburg, Cologne, Oxford. Easy if you speak English, right?

Well, before becoming a Business English Trainer, I was a  marketing manager in financial services in London and Helsinki.

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family, so I am used to being involved in business communication and corporate problem solving.

From a young age I helped my German Dad to learn English, then our foreign students, then after studying and moving to Germany, to managers, board members and business owners.

I have a real knack of breaking down inhibitions and I am always searching for the most effective and enjoyable way for my clients to learn faster and more effectively. That’s why I use a blend of both online and face to face language learning approaches.

The cultural impact of communication never ceases to fascinate me. I love helping experts mostly in technology, marketing and HR to communicate more professionally with power and confidence. Check out my podcast.

No fluff. Pure fluency.

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Just you and I as a VIP for tailor made coaching

or join one of my friendly Business Conversation groups in Berlin or Potsdam.
Improving your Business English one step at a time where nobody feels embarassed or inhibited. Let the nature stroke your soul and fuel your brain for a more relaxed yet focused approach to making a great impression in English.

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