Date/Datum: Tomorrow 10th May 2016
Where?/Wo?: Twitter & Facebook

Hi, for those of you that


  • need to improve your written Business English or
  • want to ease yourself back into using your English by writing, after all it’s less intimidating than speaking, right?
  • want to discover how to use Twitter for business networking

I have just the challenge for you…

(I’m like a little girl going all silly in a sweet shop excited about this…)

It will be a 30 day challenge for 7 amazing business women like yourself. You get the opportunity to make all of your English mistakes in private, first of all in a closed Facebook page. That is where you’ll get personal feedback from myself, a native speaking trainer before you post it for real on Twitter.

Up to three a day, that is 93 perfect tweets in one month.

Cool right?


Practice makes perfect honey!

JUST THINK Suddenly you will have the linguistic freedom to be active on social media in English too. Let’s take your expertise a little further!

140 Characters means that you are forced to write in a concise, powerful (and yet polite) way. Diplomacy is key in business, I’ll be teaching you to speak authoritatively and assertively in a way that has impact without offending your audience.

What else can you expect?

  1. Twitter tips and tricks each day in the closed FB group. (Video, Audio, Text)
  2. Real time feedback sessions for almost instant Twittersphere interaction.
  3. Mega Resources including your own tailor made lists of hashtags, hours to take part in and cheatsheets to cut and paste from.
  4. Profile Checklist
  5. Fun with social media – graphics, video, gifs etc
  6. Twitter Buddys to keep you accountable after the 30 days
  7. Secret FB group that you will be able to access after the challenge too. (Secret meaning that nobody can see anything from members of the group, it’s just us!)
  8. A PR opportunity for your company.


Native speaker, checking your tweets for you.

Oh and Michelle (Australia) and I (England) are a fun team, so imagethere will be lots of laughs too, not too serious but constructively addictive.

You’ll learn the etiquette, communication skillsand social media know-how to build your following fast. You will love going onto Twitter because the people that genuinely add value to your business or career are there.


Business_Woman-48  “Tuesday 10th May 2016!”

Join me for this unique ‘Business English’ specific approach to improving not only your English, but also your social media competence so that you can establish yourself as an expert in front of the people that count. No classroom, no redundant learning!

I wanted to give readers of my blog first refusal! There will be a maximum of 007 people for the first #007 Twitter Challenge and this first one starting on 10.05.2016 will be free of charge. Quick reserve your place before I change my mind 😉

Take part in the challenge wherever and whenever you want, no excuses, no travelling, no intimidating classroom situations or family logistics, just a simple approach from any device at any time but with a powerful impact!


Each task takes between 2 and 20 minutes to complete.
(Draft in FB, edits, Twitter including hashtags, graphic, etc)


Joining this free challenge is dead easy! Just fill in the form below today and if you are one of the first 6 to get in touch, I’ll add you to this exclusive, brave group of business women that are ready to take their English to the next level. See you tomorrow. Just sign up under the nice big pink sign on the right.