Did you know that … According to Invesp, developing an effective buyer persona can result in a 238% increase in conversions?

Incredible huh?

A buyer persona is an in depth understanding of exactly who your ideal customer is. You shouldn’t skimp corners or cut edges on this one.

Create your ideal customer, visually in your mind then find a photo or draw them. But don’t stop there. Go deeper. Get inside their head, feel their fears. Work out where they are now and where they want to be.

As my marketing professor drummed into us: “What keeps them up at 3 in the morning?”

What would it take for them to do it single handedly and why should they accept and pay for help when they ‘should be able’ to work it out for themselves?

Instead of just Googling for solutions and “finding the time” to learn how to do it themselves – what’s the benefit of reaching out for support?

And why you?
What do you have in common? What makes you any better than the other people doing what you do anyway?

You should be able to imagine talking to them about their biggest fears, frustrations, hopes and plans – including around your product or service.

I tend to have an imaginary conversation with mine in the car with my audio recorder on. I put myself in their shoes, the trick is to imagine hearing exactly what he or she might say? Which words would she use? What body language would I see? Which facial expressions?

It should be EITHER one of your raving fans OR someone that could be a perfect fit for your service if only they could pluck up the courage to invest in what you offer.

Heck – it could be twins at different stages of their business development journey for instance.

Twin 1, let’s call her Doris is already working with you and feeling the (emotional) benefits and the other, Diana is on the fence. How would your client talk Diana into simplifying her life by working with you?

What words, examples and emotions would Doris use to persuade Diana? After all, Doris was in exactly the same position less than a year ago and now feels free to really push forward in her business.

Seeing Diana miserable when the answer is right there waiting for her is infuriating to observe but as anyone with brothers and sisters knows, she’ll need to choose your words carefully.

What would a twin say to her sibling to encourage her to do the sensible thing, drop their guard and start getting the results (via you) that she deserves?

So here’s my challenge to you, get to know your persona like a best friend or twin. Someone you deeply care about.