So knowing your stuff in isolation isn’t going to get us noticed is it? We’ve all been there, rolling our eyes wondering how come it is the ones with a gift of the gab that seem to get away with all manner of things, from a complete lack of preparation for a meeting to, twisting the truth with such an audacious confidence that it makes us cringe.

But for a moment, let that just wash over us, we’re going to …

We’re going to save our energy to remind ourselves of the skills that are going to get us NOTICED. Oh! And check this out, the good news is that only one of them is communication.

Are you ready to discover something totally cool?

Well as it goes, most tech felines, particularly in this male driven world of tech and creative are absolute pros at nr 1 – soft skills. That’s right, the touch feely stuff that gets a rough time, particularly from the macho types, is top of the list when it comes to proving yourself as a leader. So if you have a flaky boss, who you think you are doomed with forever, sit up and listen.

The Byte Sized English leadership series starts on Thursday. We’ll be taking a closer look at 1. soft skills, 2 teamwork, 3. decision making, 4.planning and prioritising and 5. critical thinking, oh and 6. communication skills, making six leadership skills that need your attention.See you on Thursday.