In the world of work, one of the first things that we get asked about, regardless of gender, age or cultural background is our careers. For those of us with a family, that normally involves explaining a career break when we left work to go and have a baby. Depending on where you live you’ll have been out of action for anything from a couple of days ‘start up babes and self employed tech gurus’ to up to three years, even longer f you had two or more children back to back.

So please ladies, please…ladies ….do me a favour – no wait – DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR and don’t make this mistake

“I became a baby.”

You see you might become lots of things when you get pregnant,
but you don’t become a baby.

Grammatical Explanation
If you become something, then you have changed from being one thing to another, so you might become a mother, or become the boss, or become bored with your job but by saying that you ‘became a baby’, you are saying that you went from being an adult – a fully functioning part of the team to a baby.

You are actually saying that you went from being an adult to being a baby. NOT Good.
Now, I’m not a raging feminist,  but is this really the impression we want to make girls?

So get it right, you must say “I had a baby and when I came back I ….” you didn’t become anything different although you might have developed new skills “I became more patient”.

Ideally to make a professional and authentic impression say,

“I went on maternity leave”.
Go on, say it ten times.

“I went on maternity leave”.
“I went on maternity …”.
“I went on mat…”.
“I went on …”. (pay attention to the preposition here ladies!
“I went …”.
“I …”.

Thank you.
Why not leave me a comment, telling me what you did after your maternity leave.
Typing it and saying it will fix it in your brain!