Hi, I’m Corinne Wilhelm. Your Personal Business English Coach.

My Story

Having worked in the Square Mile in London at the hub of the financial sector in marketing management, I have experienced first hand, how communication has an incredible impact on your professionalism and your effectiveness in international business. Born in the UK, with almost 20 years of teaching experience and a passion for using communication to make a great impression, I give you the skills, practice and confidence to shine in any business conversation.




Business English is not rocket science. Thanks to my unique blended learning approach you will soon be speaking and thinking in English. I create the right learning strategies, just for you, to help you learn with laughter, success, inspiration and enjoyment.

My mission is to help anybody with the basics in English, to communicate professionally in English, in any situation. My clients invest in themselves because they are committed to finally making this transformation from frightened to fluent.

As your English improves, you’ll also notice a huge boost in self confidence and soon you’ll be getting excited about how you can expand your zone of influence.  That to me is as exciting as a rocket launch.




So if the thought of improving your English with a healthy dose of humour, relevant conversation topics and lots of language feedback appeals, I would love to hear exactly what it is you want to be able to do in English. Tell me about your business or career, share your plans and dreams, describe your expertise and let’s use English to get you closer to your goals.

What would you love to be able to do in English?
Who would you love to impress?
How can you differentiate yourself –  internationally?
Let’s create an action plan!



Schedule a Byte Sized Action Plan call with me today, where you will come away with a made to measure language learning strategy that fits into your schedule via your smartphone.

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More business idioms on the call 🙂

I’m an experienced Language Learner

You see, of the five languages that I have had to learn independently for my career, Finnish was by far the toughest. I was doing an Erasmus placement in marketing, so I had to learn fast but it was so extremely difficult that it really got me down.

The bubbly Corinne everybody knew from home had lost her voice and my personality seemed to have shrunk to the size of my vocabulary. I understood nothing, not one word. But I couldn’t give up, I had to crack this! I was determined not to trap myself in a linguistic and cultural bubble.
But learning Finnish certainly wasn’t working with the methods that I had used to learn German so I had to get smart about learning languages.


This kick started quite an obsession about how different people learn languages, so I am still very interested in how the brain works, what approaches can be used predominantly online and outdoors to boost learning effectiveness.