Online and Outdoors

Why do I teach outdoors?

So Why Outdoors?


Movement stimulates your brain.

Nature is calming.

Less eye contact, puts you under less pressure.

Remember up to 70% more English, with this unique approach.

Boost your fluency through movement.

Give your brain the oxygen it needs to work properly.

The Romans conducted important strategy meetings this way, other modern day leaders still do so.

How Do I know If This Approach Is Right For Me?

Why not try it out for yourself. These #languagenergy Walk and Talk sessions are currently just here in Berlin & Potsdam. Discover for yourself what makes this unique approach so effective and yet enjoyable. Trial sessions can be arranged via email these are usually in Kladow, Lietzensee or Wannsee. If you have any other questions, please, feel free to email me using the link in the header, thanks.

Language Level?
Intermediate-advanced (Beginners find this approach frustrating)
Fitness Level
Any. Nordic walking is a very versatile sport, recommended particularly for people with back and heart problems, there will be breaks and stretching at the end.  Here’s one of the less attractive shots of me with my big bottom shot to put you at rest… We’re not all fit when we start, but regular language energy sessions will help you feel fitter in no time, fit in English! …and whilst we talk about the week ahead we S-T-R-E-T-C-H !
What Should I Wear?
We are not lycra queens, so no need to go out and invest in the latest gear, (unless you’re looking for an excuse of course) just wear something comfortable and ideally breathable. Bring something waterproof just in case. From time to time we go to a sport shop after/instead of the walk to get kitted out.
I love four legged companions, but please only bring well behaved, quiet and friendly dogs that can keep up with the group. If you do not feel comfortable with dogs please let me know so that I can tell you which groups are dog free. If all of the groups have four legged companions, then one to one training could be an excellent workaround. Here is one of the puppies on the waiting list…


You don’t have to use poles, but it as a qualified nordic walking trainer I can assure you that it gives you a far better fitness workout if you do use them. I have extra poles, so if you need them, please let me know so I can provide them on request, no problem.  Check out the video for more information about why poles help.
We walk in nearly all weathers, but if it is really pouring it down with rain I will contact you with an alternative venue/plan an hour before we meet. We often meet for coffee or brunch instead. Please make sure that you have appropriate clothing and footwear. Goretex shoes are great for the early morning sessions too when the dew is still on the ground. A hat for sunny days keeps headaches at bay too.
How long are the sessions?
2 hours including coffee, usually 10:00-12-.00 3 hours including coffee and lunch, usually 09.00-12:00
Do I need to bring anything?
Just a drink, some business cards and a fabulous smile, apparently this is what I look like when I greet you.
But how will I be able to write things down if I am walking?
Oh please don’t worry about that. I am the kind of person that writes everything down too but I have found a couple of clever workarounds. I record the vocabulary and grammar that needs working on either on my phone as a voice message or on paper. Don’t forget though that because we are walking our brains are functioning better with the left and right sides of our body working together.  I also build in kinesthetic learning exercises to help you remember phrases, structures and vocabulary. I’ll be quizzing and nudging with that pesky grin of mine to help you remember and use the language skills that we are learning. You will receive online learning based on your new vocabulary and grammar via WhatsApp (pronunciation exercises, mini dictations, grammar quizzes, crosswords and much more) That way you get the flexibility and thoroughness of online learning combined with the personal touch, eye contact and smiles etc of face to face training – it’s known in the trade as blended learning.  Perfect for people like me, that don’t like compromises.

What I love about teaching online.

I am one of the pioneers of online teaching here in Germany and was one of the first trainers to qualify as an Online English Trainer back in 2002. Since then I have been constantly experimenting to find techniques and technologies that make it easier for my students to learn between lessons. The faster my clients make progress, the faster their business grows, so online learning is that secret ingredient that gives you more exposure, more feedback and more opportunity to practice and improve but at a time and place to suit you. Online learning is great for providing the right support at the right time and in the right format. Sure you can design learning that your learners can work through independently, but real progress happens in combination with a trainer that is informed, inspiring and intuitive. I use Skype, Zoom, Virtual Classrooms and have used Moodles in further education but for me, it is not about the tools, but HOW you use those tools to get the right message across to your students. I love crosswords and quizzes but I also enjoy getting students to really discuss topics in depth. That way I can simulate a business conversation situation and provide them with instant feedback plus more in depth learning support between sessions.

The BLEND of both online learning and outdoor training is ideal.

The combination of online and outdoor training has proven itself time and time again. I love the flexibility of not having to ‘waste’ valuable face to face time with grammar and instead taking full advantage of the steps to do grammar drills. With a combination of both I can ensure that you are speaking a lot and communicating about your business and expertise without feeling that I am neglecting your reading skills for instance, because you can do that between the sessions from your favourite device. My preferred tool is WhatsApp, it is incredibly versatile and you don’t need to log in each time. One of my clients calls is Handbag English. It really is anywhere that you are, so you can take advantage of those small pockets of time to do something constructive and yet still sociable and enjoyable. Who said English couldn’t be professional and fun? Not me. Blended Learning conventionally provides a mix of online and face to face training, but with my face to face part being outdoors in the fresh air, it is even more effective. I love that!

How It Works

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Whether you need an intensive half day VIP course or to join a #LanguageEnergy group and walk your way to better English skills, I will help you select the format of learning that means your greatest success

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Set your goals with me and we’ll work towards them together, we’ll even practice specific work-related scenarios so you can ensure you have all the skills you need and all the confidence necessary to perform at your very best