English Refresher with WhatsApp

Does your English need a refresher? Would you like to try a unique, effective approach that gets you outdoors at the same time?


  •  Would you like to improve your English?
  •  Do you want a flexible, fun way to learn English?
  •  Would you love to feel less nervous speaking English?
  • Do you use WhatsApp?
  • Would you like to lose weight or get fitter?
  • Would you like to learn English as you walk the dog or run/walk?
  • Are you ready to try something new to improve your English; something that fits in with your schedule and energy levels?

What is #LanguageEnergy?

The opportunity to improve your English

LANGUAGENERGY is a very time-effective way to improve your English and your fitness at the same time. If you don’t have enough time, you will love it!

A Flexible and Fun way to learn

Open the door and start walking. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LIVE IN BERLIN. The idea is that you walk locally and listen to the modules via Whats App as you walk through earphones or headphones.

A method to ensure you feel more confident

More words, less weight! What could be better?

When do we start?

This is a six weeks mobile learning course, you can start any Monday

What do I need?

All you need is WhatsApp, some earphones and if you want to walk as you listen to the audio lessons,  comfortable clothing and shoes.

How does it work?

You discuss different business topics for three weeks via WhatsApp, at a time and device to suit you.
On Wednesdays, you join a webinar (with recording) or join us to walk in Berlin. You decide which module you prefer.
You receive regular feedback on your English and corrections, tricks and tips and lots of support via WhatsApp.

Three times a week you will also get a 20-25 minute audio lesson plus conversation questions to discuss in WhatsApp.

You will get an opportunity to listen, read, speak and check your understanding of English from a bilingual Brit.

Between the walks or webinars there will be opportunities to practice your new vocabulary,

pronounce the words that are difficult, post your comments – all in the WhatsApp group.

The more you engage, the more fluent you will become and the less nervous you will be.

What are the

modules about?










Use your time efficiently, turn your downtime into learn time.



What to expect.

Your Daily Bytes via WhatsApp


New Vocabulary

New Topic (Audio)
Progress Reports

Language Feedback

Fun dialogues
Plans for the weekend & Progress


Allow up to an hour every day but REMEMBER it doesn’t have
to be all at once.

For Example

9.00 Audio Module (15 Minutes) as you walk the dog
11.40 Pronunciation exercise (10 minutes)
19.40 Discussion questions in WhatsApp (10 Minutes)
21:50 Checking up on any replies to the discussion questions again.
(15 minutes)

Money Back Guarantee

If you are actively involved in the course and are not satisfied with your progress,  I will give you your money back.


I don’t have much time, can I be successful in less than an hour a day?
Yes, the more you post and read other people’s comments, the more exposure and practice you will life can get busy – if that happens just do the current task rather than reading the comments in the WhatsApp group and then move onto the next topic on Monday. You have access to all of the materials for as long as you are on the course.
I don’t think my English is good enough.
If you can read this, then it is good enough, most people think that their English is much worse than it is. Your confidence with speaking and finding the right words will come very quickly.
Do I get a discount if I join with a friend?
I would love you to join with a friend, it is a great source of motivation so I will send you both a cute surprise in the post. You’ll love it. No discount though.
Do I get any personal coaching from you, Corinne?
I see my walkers on Wednesdays (apart from the Berlin summer holidays) so I will see you in person then and give you personal feedback in the group.

I am very active in the Whats App group and busy keeping you updated and inspired every week day. If there is something that you are struggling with I might send you a personal message but otherwise it is all in the WhatsApp group.

You can always purchase a power hour, if you have something specific for your business or career, no problem. Book Me

Do I have to do the walking part?
No not at all. The reason I recommend walking as you listen to the modules is, that we are much more able to absorb information if we are moving at the same time and in the fresh air. It increases retention of new vocabulary and grammar by up to 70%. It also helps you manage stress better and if the sun shines you’ll even get a blast of vitamin C (and in my case freckles).

Walking is recommended but not compulsory. We’re all adults.

Do I have to cancel at the end of the 3 weeks?
No not at all, the €65,99 for WhatsApp & Webinar or €169,99 for WhatsApp & Walk is just for the intensive 3 weeks, it is not a subscription but a course fee for the full 3 weeks including the daily support via Whats App. Those wanting to continue can join my Byte Sized English Bootcamp starting in January 2018.

Any other questions just contact me using the form below, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

WE WILL ALL BE DOING the activities at a time and pace to suit OUR schedules.


Sounds great! How do I register?


Each course is limited in size, to keep the amount of messages down in the WhatsApp group. (Believe me, more than 8 can become a little overwhelming)
There is a maximum of 8 people in each walking group.

You will

  1. become less nervous speaking English,
  2. learn a lot of new words,
  3. improve your grammar,
  4. feel more confident about your pronunciation and
  5. you’ll feel and look fitter (if you walk 3 times a week for 45 minutes or more each time as you listen to the audio lessons.)

Let’s do this, starting from Monday!

I'm in, sign me up!

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