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Coaching isn’t just for Divas

Yeah! I did it, I passed! It was harder than I thought it would be and I learned a lot. It has been great in terms of learning how to coach people, but also showed me a lot more about effective communication and I am HOT to trot Honey! If you love a bargain keep...

Quarantine – English to Go but ALONE

Languagenergy half day intensives will be back, in the meantime, take off on your own SCROLL DOWN TO LISTEN As the British saying goes, "It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all!" and whilst this is of little reassurance when you are...

Christmas Card Climax

Christmas Card Climax

Christmas Card Climax   As Christmas approaches,  many of us are torn between what is expected of us and what we really want. You see, we can't walk around being self centred and egotistical, especially at Christmas where, certainly in the Europe, it is definetly...

Writing to get it right

writing Is becoming a skill that we are still taught at school but rarely use in our careers as the world around us becomes more digital. Should we still write and if so when and why?    Do you like your handwriting?   To be honest, it doesn’t really...

Why Learning Business English Outdoors Makes Sense

Written with the help of my new VA Emily Behr Academically Proven According to a study by the Universities of Munich and Mainz, outdoor learning is fundamental to boosting your motivation. Since moving and the fresh air supports the learning process, it is easier to...

Do you struggle actually SPEAKING in English?

If you can speak English but don’t actually ‘speak’ in English, this article will give you a step by step strategy for escaping to the other side, from pseudospeaker to speaker. It’s time to stop hiding, it’s time to shine

Self Care – Learning From Agile Teams

Business English is actually only the first step on the ladder. If you want to really be seen as the expert, there are four stages that build on top of each other, this article describes how it works, including a video

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