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Are you an English/Expert Misfit?

Are you an English/Expert Misfit?

If your English does not match your level of expertise, the chances are that you are playing it small in your career. Find out how to improve your English in a way that makes you more knowledgeable and professional – from your smartphone.

Why it makes sense to have twin personas.

Did you know that … According to Invesp, developing an effective buyer persona can result in a 238% increase in conversions? Incredible huh? A buyer persona is an in depth understanding of exactly who your ideal customer is. You shouldn't skimp corners or cut edges on...

Hot, sweaty and fabulous!

Hot, sweaty and fabulous! This summer I went back to the UK. Since the Brexit I am struggling with that. I cannot really call it home anymore because I have lived here in Germany since 1999 but it’s where my roots are, let’s put it that way. Anyway, I visited my...

Introverted Entrepreneurs often excel in English

Hi there, I have just completed a little quiz (see the link below) from my business pal Clare Josa to find out whether I am an introvert or extrovert entrepreneur. Why? Most of you will assume that I am an extrovert and yes, I can be.  I have plenty of energy to be an...

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