Business Communication Coaching

in English with a native speaking Brit

Working with a business coach is a practical and logical way to take your business or career to the next level. We all have blocks and limitations but by working with a business communication coach you’ll keep working towards those inspirational goals. Each goal, is taking you closer to the success that you deserve, so don’t deny yourself the opportunity to be the best communicator that you can be, work with a coach and let’s release the potential that is waiting to be revealed. We’ve got this!

So what would you love to achieve?
What would be your idea of career awesomeness?

Find out if we’re a good fit, join me for a virtual cup of tea (Very British).

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1:1 VIP Business Coaching

Find out if we’re a good fit.

Duration:  12 months
Benefits: Virtual, flexible, discrete & effective
Pricing: 786€ per month
Limited to just 6 managers per year

Q1 Career Coaching
Q2 Business English

Q3 Communication Skills Across Cultures
Q4 Personal Brand & Content Mgt Strategy

First we get crystal clear about what your career should look like and how you can develop internaionally in line with your own priorities & strengths.

We get the Business English up to speed so that you are in a position to take advantage of every opportunity that gets you closer to your personal career goal, with confidence. VIPs soon gain the self-assurance they need, knowing that they have the right vocabulary, pronunciation and structures on the tip of their tongue to establish themselves as the expert. 

Then we work on your delivery, so that your message makes more impact. Master every business situation with clever communication, regardless of who you are speaking to. Together we’ll ensure that you are making the right impression every time, whether it is the Jour fixe or the stage.

Each month you have been creating content so that you can show case your knowledge in an approachable, professional way, now it is time to escape your comfort zone and stand up as the expert. It’s time to show up as a personal brand, not only in your organisation but in your industry, worldwide.

During this 12 month programme, my VIPs become calmer and clearer. They are pleased to discoverd that they:

* Write, read and understand emails and business articles faster
* Discuss industry topics more fluently
* Can engage quickly and effectively in dialogues
* Manage difficult conversations with clients, staff and suppliers
* Have exactly the right words and phrases to express themselves convincingly and professionally
* Give instructions, feedback and support clearly

Practice makes perfect. VIPs have up to 3 virtual sessions for 60 minutes a week with a native speaking trainer. I’m business savvy enough to familiarise myself with your industry and your personal management style quickly, making it easier for us to create exactly the right English message for every business situation. 

VIPs get free access to me via

– WhatsApp for questions, corrections, language feedback, advice.
– Monthly Walk and Talks in Potsdam and Berlin.

For me you really are a Very Important Person and I invest a lot of time, energy, attention and commitment, behind the scenes, to make your tailor-made programme as productive as possible.

I put the hours into delivering exactly the right approach for your learning style, communication requirements, technology preferences and level, so that you have more time and energy to do what you do best.

It’s actually really easy to improve your English if you have the right approach and a fun but smart native speaker to guide, encourage but also challenge you, as and when you need it.

The Clever2gether Mastermind

Each year I work with one agency, company or institution that is genuinely dedicated to gender diversity at board level. 4 female managers (Tech, HR, Marketing & Finance) are invited to join my Clever2gether Mastermind.

Submit your proposal between September 1 and November 31st of each year, including a video interview from each of the women in English.