Ok, hands up, I have neglected my blog, sorry about that. So here’s why. It’s brutally honest and open but you know what, I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who gets motivation zapped, so I’ll tell you what happened and how I wriggled out of it.

First of all, in the lead up to the school holidays I was faced with a big decision that occupied my mind, I’ll tell you what it was next week, but it devoured my time and head space and yet I still struggled to make the decision. Before I knew it, the summer holidays were like – what? THIS Friday!


I raced to my diary (yes I am one of those people that still loves her handwritten colourful masterpiece of appointments) to confirm that I didn’t have to worry, that I had another week. But no! The summer holidays really started in just three days. Panic. You guessed it, as I struggled with the family mum stuff of getting clothes that still fit your family, suncream, maps and such like, I did not plan for the six week break.

I had my ipad with me on holiday but every moment I found myself sneaking a look at business stuff I felt guilty and at some point I just shrugged my shoulders (or soldiers as my son used to say) and go with the flow.

So we got back three weeks ago and still no regular blog. What a slacker!

I was riddled with guilt on the one hand, after all consistency is the name of the game I keep hearing. On the other hand I am too pragmatic to write any old nonsense just for the sake of keeping to a schedule. So I missed my self imposed deadline. Sorry.

Anyway just now I came across a list of things to do if your motivation has taken a hike and it was just too good not to share. It’s not revolutionary, or new, but it is written in a clear, easy way that is fast to grasp and makes total sense. But wait.


This week I made a conscious effort to snap out of it.  I have started every day by drinking a huge pint of water. I have also been nordic walking 3 times this week and check this out.  Yesterday, drum roll, I took the morning off for some much needed ‘me’ time. Initially it felt enormously self indulgent and I had plenty to be doing but retail therapy helped. I went to the shops, without the men in my life bugging me, showing me stuff, asking questions or complaining about how hungry they are, that in itself was bliss. I b r o w s ed (go slow shopping). I treated myself to a gorgeous scarf, went to a cafe to chill with my book and it felt great. That was 3/10.


10 Easy Wins to Keep You Motivated When You’re Tempted to Quit

So here it is, hope you’ll be inspired by it as much as I was, because there are two things I hate more than anything in life, that’s being all flaky or overwhelmed and being ill.

So here is Craig Boneau’s post from Addicted to Success…

I’ll see you on Thursday to tell you all about my big decision and in the meantime feel free to catch up with me on twitter @CocoInternomad or on facebook at Professional English for Women in Technology and the Media.

PS: The editing in this is not perfect because I needed a quick success burst to get me back on track. Remember that it’s ok to find a workaround from time to time. Forgive me for I have failed, but learned from my mistakes. Isn’t that just one of the coolest things of being a female entrepreneur?