Do you enjoy eating out but also want to improve your english?

Let’s go for dinner to improve your English.


In fact, let’s meet for 8 dinners, there are 8 of us talking about issues affecting our jobs, organisations and industries in English. The English for Foodies crew meets at a different restaurant or cafe each time.

It’s a unique and sociable way to improve your Business English – you’ll be looking forward to speaking English.

I’m here to help you find the right English words to express yourself and give you lots of support and encouragement to improve your fluency. You’ll be feeling a lot more comfortable speaking in English very soon.

Not only do we meet once a week for eight weeks, making it pretty intense as it is, but you’ll be getting regular support and conversation topics via WhatsApp.


Why not take my foodie quiz to ‘get a taste of’ what to expect.

The next English For Foodies programme for only 7 participants starts in just








English for Foodies 2018

1. Wed 19th September
2. Wed 26th September
3. Wed 3rd October
4. Wed 10th October
5. Wed 17th October
School Holidays
School Holidays
6. Wed 7th November
7. Wed 14th November
8. Wed 21st November

13.02.2019 – 03.04.2018
Early Bird 10% discount if you book in 2018

English for Foodies Challenges

1. Terrific Toilets
2. Delicious desserts
3. Super soup
4. Happy to eat Healthy
5. Fantastic Fish 
6. Friendly Faces
7. Best Business Lunch – 60 mins max
8. ??? What do YOU think?

Meet once a month Restaurants or cafes can apply to be considered.  We will work together to write a short  honest review of each in English.

Learn the right business vocabulary,
grammar and pronunciation
to make a really good impression

in English

Being able to speak comfortably in English
to clients, suppliers, your team or your bank
can really boost your career or business.

Let’s activate your English over dinner, coffee or cocktails.

Durch ihre locker Art nimmt sie einem jede Hemmung zu sprechen. Sehr Gut

Financial Services

Practice talking about business in a relaxing environment


Learn how to share your expertise, expand your network and create new opportunities in English


Suitable for Intermediate to Advanced English Speakers.


Why not join the programme with a friend, colleague or your partner?




Gute Gestaltung, tolle Ideen, schönes Klima! Super Gut!

Susanne S


Why WhatsApp Support?

The key to learning a language is to use it often. If we were to meet once a week for eight weeks you would notice an improvement in your fluency.

WhatsApp learning tips and tricks between our dinner dates gives you far more Business English exposure and practice at a time, place and device to suit you.

By actively using the business vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation that you have already been introduced to, you and the rest of your foodie participants will find it a lot easier to remember the information and access it when you need it.

WhatsApp is like an intensifier.

I am one of the only coaches in Europe using an instant messenger so strategically as an integral part of the programme. It’s my super power!

There are memes, videos, crosswords, quizzes and much more to help you remember those new words – it’s language recycling for learning on the go.

Listen to why WhatsApp is an integral part of my English for Foodies Programme

by Corinne Wilhelm, your native speaking trainer from the UK

‘English for Foodies’ sounds fun

Sign me up.

€138 per person for eight weeks (food and drink not included)

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