This girl never ‘got’ Barbie, wanted a voodoo doll called Ken and used to hate the itchy twistedness of dresses, but I have to confess, there is one element of being a girl that makes me very stereotypical – I luuurve accessories.


IFA Berlin was an unmissable opportunity although originally I was looking for new approaches to create and deliver learning content in video, audio, app or other formats but of course that is software – earth to Corinne!

So in a desperate attempt to escape the whiter than white glare of those gruesome domestic appliances I found myself being seduced by bags, headsets and speakers that any connected girl on the go would find hard to resist.

My first OMG moment hit me when I came across these very cool bags, a French company, with a strong bias towards camera equipment had diversified to accommodate flater technology. Case Logic is their name and I was particularly taken by the gorgeously purple messenger bag. Functional in a funky colour, that works for me.

The Golla stand was creating quite a buzz, so of course I was drawn in too, their bags are just too delicious not to stroke and were the only bags at the IFA that coincidentally managed to be functional, the designs were to die for in natural colours, beautiful soft browns, blues and a hue of mustard. Corinna Crone who told me about the companies Finnish origins, had the cutest little ‘barest essentials bag’ with easy access to your phone and enough space for keys, a mini stash of cash and a credit card and perhaps headphones. Very discrete and mimimalistic.

Holland‘s fresh n rebble brand made a more colourful impression, I was kinda taken by the loud speakers on a climbing clip, this one was in hot pink but there were others in green, grey and baby blue.

Now as you know I like to combine language learning with sport to lubricate the brain and give us an excuse to get outdoors for a change of scenery so it will not come as a surprise that I was drawn to the pathetically disappointing sport area and the Fitbug stand. They have created a device to track movement, and even sleep so if you like it is like a digital coach to keep me on track. What I liked about it is that I can wear it on my wrist but if I prefer I can also wear it as a necklace, in my pocket or even attached to my underwear. I’ll update you in another blog about how I get on.

Having taken a break from bright shiny objects, I checked out the stand for the Deutsche Start Ups, to listen to a panel discussion about start ups. It was interesting to hear what they had to say about giving start ups more presence in Germany and I was inspired by the question “Why aren’t kids learning to code at school?” valid point. As I was leaving, there was something I was taken by. Now I am not always very disciplined when it comes to charging my devices and perhaps you ought to know that I like to be in touch with nature from time to time, I’m an outdoor kinda girl.  So what caught my eye was a way to charge your devices on the go by using a solar panel on a key ring, now that addresses my kinda planning style.  Check em out Click – Store – Charge can be found at after I really ought not neglect the German tech teams.

For those of you that listen to podcasts or music from your phone in the way home,  with your phone clinched to your chin or shoulder like you have a stiff neck, well help is at hand. I think you’ll love listening to these little creatures, they are just a tad bigger than a golf ball and plug into your device for a fun and upbeat way to listen to music or podcasts – perhaps the members of the Byte Sized English Club podcasts and webinars on the go. The Kitsound crew kindly gave me an owl to escort me home which I have already become quite attached to. They are really colourful and upbeat, with winter designs coming out soon in case you are looking for stocking fillers, including an alien, fox and snowman.

So although I went with other intentions, I had a good day exploring, hope you enjoyed my little IFA update from a non techy and slightly girly perspective. I had hoped to report on Jugend IFA but quite frankly it was too dull to warrant a blog post, better luck next year.

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