This week on the language energy programme, we have been talking about how to handle the whole job change situation. It got me thinking about idioms used in business.

image “I did it. I just quit!”


Handing in your resignation is the most amazing feeling, once you have made a decision to move on, isn’t it?

“I did it. I just quit!”

…are the first words that leave your lips when you speak to your closest friends, the ones that have agonised with you, weighed up the pros and cons and listened to your frustration. It feels amazing to finally make a decision that has been on your mind for what seems like eternity.

As the excitement for the next step in your career increases, our emotional intelligence is seriously challenged. Once you have a new opportunity, you have to be very careful about two things.

1. What you say and
2. Who you say it to?

This video 

 gives you the low down on the business idiom ‘burning your bridges behind you”.


Burning your bridges behind you, means that you are making it difficult for yourself to go back. In our global village, not recommended.


“You better not burn your bridges behind you, no need to be a drama queen, just go”
“I have always been careful not to burn any bridges behind me, you never know who you will have to work with again”
“He really burnt his bridges behind him when he got caught fiddling his last expenses”

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