You know what, it is easy to do what you have always done.

It is convenient to do things the way you always do them and if you want to try something new, there are always people out there, some of whom will consider themselves to be friends, that seem intent on putting a spanner in the works (to do something that prevents a plan or activity from succeeding). 

But we are all individuals in our own right and can find the energy and determination to do things if we want something badly enough.

When I was too blobby to fit into the wedding dress of my dreams I decided to lose weight – nothing new there I hear you cry, but for me this was the first time ever that I had ever even thought about my ‘diet’ so for me it was a big deal.  A first ever and a tough thing to do when your future husband is away from home and you are planning a wedding at the same time as starting a business. People said I was crazy, but actually, I would have been crazy not to – after all, if fitting into a wonderful wedding dress isn’t a great source of motivation, what is? I knew that I would never get this incentive to do something about my weight again and frankly it was about time.

I went to Finland and learned their language within 9 months because I didn’t want to be floating around like some bubble waiting to burst – there is nothing beautiful about a woman that is silienced into not being herself, chatting, learning, smiling and flourishing. I am proud to say that I was one of painfully few that bothered to learn Finnish, because I wanted to experience everything as close up as possible.

So if you are reading this blog because you know you ought to do something about your English, to give it a bit of sparkle, then think about whether you are ready to take the next step, the step into the byte sized english club, where you can ask any question, resolve any queries, run a sentence past me to see if it is grammatically correct, because you are paying €9,99 a month to do so.


if you don’t take a chance
you don’t stand a chance!

Just go to the Byte Sized English and request access, then I’ll send you payment details by email. Easy.