Language Energy

How It Works
  • Languagenergy is my own unique combination of practising conversational English for your business and keeping fit.
    This blended learning approach is up to 70% more effective than conventional Business English Training.* English
    * Walking
    * Networking (Groups)
What exactly is #languagenergy or language energy?

It’s not by chance that … energy levels crash and burn in a meeting room,

  • no fresh air,
  • no movement
  • only coffee and cookies for distraction.

So…to speed things up a bit…

I get you outdoors

The change of scenery makes a big difference.
We walk and talk – it has a massive impact on your concentration

I get you to use the vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation you have just learned, straight away.

Listen to the inspiration behind this incredible new approach to language training

WHAT IS IT? So we walk and talk in English. It’s like a language lesson to go with an extra portion of business small talk on top.

1. UNIQUE & EFFECTIVE It is a lot better than any other language training that I have experienced.

2. FLEXIBLE There is no need to be a fitness queen or language guru, we are here to get into shape, physically and linguistically 🙂

3. POPULAR. What customers say about it….



“Corinne has a way of getting us to relax,I am not sure how she does it; but when we are walking; the words just flow.” Roland Berger
“languagenergy is something you simply have to try, it’s incredible!”
“It’s like there is a memory chip in the shower gel. I can remember all the new words. I can even remember who said what and where we were on the walk” Bavarian Business Ladies Group
“Gemein aber Fein!” Wustenrot

WHERE do you walk?

We meet in….


Charlottenburg, Berlin

Tiergarten, Berlin

Friedrichshain, Berlin

Corporate Groups meet at a time and place to suit your organisation.
We meet at your offices.
Snacks & smoothies available on request.
Poles optional.
Online/Mobile learning included.
Lunchtimes (12.00-13.00) or afternoons (14.00-17.00)
Maximum of 6 participants



  • Small Talk
  • Business Conversation
  • Industry News 
  • Functional Focus (marketing, finance etc)
  • Progress Reports and Success Stories
  • Language Drilling 
  • Accountability

Is language energy for me?

1. Business owners and entrepreneurs.

Do you avoid posting in English on social media?
Does your heart skip a beat if someone speaks to you in English?
Do you feel stupid or worried about making mistakes?
Would you love to attend English events but wouldn’t understand enough?
Are there international experts that you would love to learn from but your English isn’t good enough?

Do you skip meals, work through lunch, eat the wrong things?
Do you find it hard to concentrate, especially after lunch?
Do you get frustrated that you cannot work more effectively?

If so then the combination of walking and talking in English is perfect for you?

2.It’s perfect for Mums just about to return to work after maternity leave.
If you are an employer or recruiter, who is worried about whether your experienced talent will return from maternity leave, then demonstrate your loyalty to them by investing in them.
The last 12 weeks of their maternity leave.

Why? Benefits?
Language skills to give them more confidence from Day 1 .
Communication skills to help them manage their return to work more effectively.
Gentle trial of child care logistics.
It’s a real confidence boost.

2. Women that are ready to make that first real career change, since their maternity leave.

Perhaps you are ready for a promotion or new job but are worried that your English isn’t good enough.

3. No Time for English lessons.

Do you travel a lot or have a lot of responsibility at work?
Perhaps you just don’t have the time or head space to go to lessons.
Let’s get out of the office for some fresh air.
Let’s recharge and revamp your English at the same time.
It’s a time effective combination of English learning and light physical exercise at the same time

ALWAYS 100% relevance because the course is designed around your strengths and weaknesses

“I’m your walking dictionary”.

I’m a native speaker, from the UK with industry experience in financial services, technology, media and project work at management level.

It’s really tough learning a language after work.

I know it is!

I learned four languages for my career. I have plenty of techniques and slightly embarassing stories to share.

I learned Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and German independently whilst working FULL TIME.

I had to find a way that made it relevant, fun and rewarding. AND FAST!!!

Quite frankly it was REALLY hard, especially Finnish

Let me help you fast-track your progress, let’s get your expertise out there!

Soon you won’t need me to be your mobile dictionary as we walk
With language energy, the words just flow.
Soon you will realise that you know a lot more words than you realise.
It will become easier, smoother, the words are there when you need them.
You will be less exhausted listening and you’ll realise – I’ve GOT this!


Improve your English and your fitness at the same time >>> Fit in English >>> LITERALLY
Use your lunch hour more constructively
Within 6 hours,  your personal language feedback will be ready with your online tasks.




How do I assure 100% relevance?

Your course design and personal language feedback is based purely on the mistakes that you make.

GRAMMAR is on a need to know basis (no rigid grammar lesson plan).

At the end of each walk you receive a business article to read by the next session
Each week someone offers to be responsible for summarising the article in their own words.
The next week the article is summarised, discussed in the context of your own business.
I create an online quiz/crossword for reinforcement based on the words and grammar that came up.


How soon will I notice that my English is improving?

Personal training customers notice themselves relaxing and finding the right words after just two or three sessions.

Groups 4-6 sessions, depending on the dynamics of the group

Your progress will always increase significantly if you take full advantage of the mobile learning.


Who is this NOT ideal for?

People who…

…loved English at school.
…do not want to be recorded during the walk.
…do not feel comfortable being corrected.
…have no specific language learning goal.
…are still beginners in English.
…take offence to the ‘du’ form in German.
…want to bring loud, slow, aggressive dogs.
…want to learn English in the evenings or weekends.

What if I have something specific rather than business conversation?

If you have a pitch, presentation or something else specific to your business that you need a native speaker to look at.
No problem
Just book in for a one to one session via Skype below



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