So we’ve all been there. So far there has been no ‘official’ announcement but the word going round is that something is about to happen that could affect all of your jobs. No matter where you work, it’s not nice having rumours going around that will impact your future work situation. But it happens.

  Don’t let a rumour break you. Use it to kick start your personal development!

The normal approach is to wait and see. But in my experience, there is usually an element of truth in these things. The outcome might well be different to what you anticipated, but these things normally come from somewhere or something.

Well ‘wait and see’ is kind of lame isn’t it? I’m not sure about you, but when I was a child ‘you’ll have to wait and see’ normally, meant a big fat ‘NO’. In the corporate world, wait and see normally means, ‘yes your job,  is jeopardised’.

So what are you going to do about it?

The way I see it, you have one of two options. You can either plod on regardless, keeping your head down and hope that you come out unscathed (which is fine if you still believe in Santa Claus) or you can roll your sleeves up and get stuck in to make sure that your own skill set is looking ‘shit hot‘.

If there is training being offered, go for it!

But what … I hear you cry … if I am bang up against a deadline? Well honey for once you have to put yourself first and if there are rumours going round like wild fire, you better make sure your skillset is up to speed. The bottom line is, that there will be others who have long lost the motivation, those who stopped loving their job a while ago, who are networking and training like crazy already. Time to catch up.

Preparing to jump ship before the shit hits the fan means getting your skills up to scratch and if the company is prepared to pay for it, then go for it. If the rumours turn out to be a load of rubbish, you’ll have lost nothing and gained a qualification or transferable skills. Your employer will see that they have a keen employee that is taking their own personal development (and career) seriously. That get’s you noticed.

So if there is talk that your organisation is going to be bought out or merged, or that your department’s project is going to be outsourced, then take control of your own personal development. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, or soon, but today. In fact why not now, go straight from this blog post to your in house source of courses or the web and see if there is a gap in your skills profile that you could fill.

And of course if you feel comfortable enough reading this in English but are not really confident that you could read it aloud without making pronunciation mistakes, make sure that language training doesn’t come too short. A Cambridge Certificate is probably the most widely accepted qualification you can have in English and I realise that it isn’t relevant to your industry or role but it is highly recognised and accepted. You can sit the exams every month. However, don’t let that be a reason to sit on the fence. (Pssst! I’m organising a Cambridge Prep Pamper Retreat, so watch this space.)

It’s easy for the flexibility of ‘whenever’,
to become … ‘never’. 

Lifelong learning might be a bit of a naff term but it might well be your saving grace when push comes to shove. So turn a negative into a positive cos that’s what smart girls in tech do, isn’t it?

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