Have you ever received an email only to discover that your eyebrow has started to flutter in confusion as you finish reading?  So you re-read the English and try to see if there is anything you have missed? Is he being ironic, or impatient, down right rude or just using a different type of English to the language you are familiar with? Sigh, Where’s the panic button when you need one?

You could ask someone else to take a look? But who?

Asking somoene in the office would be immediate alright but not necessarily all that helpful, considering that they probably are a) looking after number one b)not a native speaker either.

And remember. Just because someone has a high opinion of their English skills, it doesn’t mean that a native speaker would share that opinion.

On the other hand, you need to reply soon and in a way that won’t bring the project to a hault or put a spanner in the works.

Well what the smart chicks do is actually dead easy, they join our Byte Sized English Club. It is a secret facebook group, meaning that your boss or colleagues can’t see you’re in it unless they pay & sign up too. You can drop in 24/7 and run it past us and we do our very best to help because the chances are that either we have been in the same situation before or might need your help next time around.

Oh and we’re a friendly bunch working on all kinds of IT projects, so it’s not all about language, it’s where we go for all manner of tech industry advice.

As your native speaking corporate English trainer with  years of experience training technical staff at all levels of the organisation both online and face to face, all over the world,  I’ll be there too,  so you’ll be in good hands. You’ll soon see that the value of the group doesn’t just come from my words of advice though, these girls are smart, experienced and taking control of their careers.

So check it out, it costs €1 to trial, from then it is €19 per month
or €49 for the “30 Days to Recharge my Technical English” Course.

All tax deductable because it is industry specific language training.
This is women’s only club, nothing against the guys, but I find it is more comfortable and productive this way.

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