The Business English Podcast for advanced speakers (and those that aspire to be).

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This podcast is where together, we will be learning how to become more effective communicators and more interculturally aware in business.

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English speaking communication experts

with plenty of knowledge to share about communicating effectively in international business are encouraged to contact me, , Topics on my radar are: time management, stress management, remote working, export control, transparency, recruiting overseas, project management, conflict management, mediation

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The most popular interviews are those that were well prepared, so here are my favourite questions in a workbook style format, so that you can prepare in advance. Non native speaking guests are particularly welcome onto the show.


Meet Your Host

Corinne Wilhelm

Corinne Wilhelm

Business English is not rocket science. Even if you have not spoken English for years and you hated English lessons, thanks to my unique approach you will find your way back into the language with success and enjoyment. No matter what your communication goal is, with smart learning strategies and a coach at your side to motivate and inspire you, we can crack this together!