Clever2gether Podcast

This podcast focuses on effective communication in international business and agile teams. Corinne talks about both formal and informal communication at work, but also the non verbal and soft skills around communication. 

No matter what you need to say at work- whether it be on the factory floor, in the meeting room, in daily stand up team meeting, or a chat at the coffee maker, strong communication skills are the key to your career success. Every conversation affects how people perceive you as a professional. I show you how to communicate more effectively because we can all talk, but are we actually having the right impact – or enough impact?

About half of the shows are interviews with carefully selected experts in business and industry. Together we discuss how exactly to perform better through great communication. Find out how to be identified as leadership material. I show you how to speak up and make a better impression, one business conversation at a time. This podcast is for people who are already the expert, but might not be recognized as the expert.

The Clever2gether podcast is a podcast that helps you to take your professionalism to the next level through clever communication, thought leadership and leadership in international business. It’s designed for native speakers and advanced or confident speakers of English.

“Be the best communicator that you can be!”

Contact me via if you would like to recommend a topic or guest, or join me as a guest (please include the topics you can talk knowledgeably about in English)

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