clever2gether is the name of my podcast.

This podcast is where together, we will be learning how to become more effective communicators and more interculturally aware in business.

Langaugenergy Cartoon in Berlin

As you listen to my podcast, you will automatically start to think in English.

My VIP clients also get exclusive access to personal audio support, straight to their smartphone via WhatsApp, in the form of listening comprehension exercises, normally business dialogues and topics that lead to lively conversations plus of course plenty of pronunciation exercises based on the words that challenge them.

Topics Include:

  1. Networking tips and tricks.
  2. Positioning your brand, how to create and deliver your message with impact.
  3. Communicating in English professionally and clearly.
  4. Online & Offline Marketing.
  5. English Grammar in a business context, making it immediately transferable.
  6. Interviews with successful business owners working internationally.
  7. Career News, Industry Movers & Shakers, Industry News.
  8. Start Up and Crowdfunding News and Information.
  9. Recruiting and Team Building.
  10. The Juggling Act: Family, looking great for work & fitness.
  11. Independent Learning for your business – tips, books, blogs, apps and tools.
  12. …plus news about business, marketing and communication.

Every episode has a language challenge at the end. Non-native speakers of English can then take up the challenge to improve their vocabulary, grammar or pronunciation and there will be nuggets of intercultural know-how thrown in for good measure.


The great news is that I am looking for inspiring, informed, passionate business owners and experts to come on the show with me to share your knowledge.


Non-native speaking guests will be to have pre show media training and language support so that your message is grammatically correct, with the right pronunciation and vocabulary to really get your message across effectively. I personally edit all of the podcasts to make sure that you sound professional and approachable.

Most of my clients work with international staff, clients, customers or freelancers most of them have neglected their English for years before coming to me for communication coaching in English. It’s great to see them speaking more professionally and making an increasingly confident and convincing impression.



18.09.2015 Learning Business English in your travel time

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