Who is Corinne Wilhelm?
I’m a bilingual Brit who loves living in Berlin and has been teaching business English in Germany since 1999.



To help entrepreneurs & experts to improve their English, giving them the international communication skills and confidence to thrive.

Podcast Interview at Nubu Radio - I'm a cloudhero!

We talk about how I use cloud technology to boost productivity and the effectiveness of my learning materials for by Business English and Communication Coaching clients Listen in German
Corinne Wilhelm, born 1971


She wears her laughter lines with pride. It’s that smile in part, that puts people at ease, you see Corinne seems to have this uncanny knack of making people feel comfortable. It is mainly this approachable personality that enables her to break down those pesky inhibitions, that so many people have when they need to speak English professionally, despite years of English at school or university.

Having started her career in the highly conventional financial sector in the City of London, corporate training was often a missed opportunity in her eyes and so when she decided to escape from the big smoke and embrace the fresh air of the mountains in Bavaria, she knew that she wanted to combine learning with nature.

Having worked at management level in marketing, Corinne Wilhelm, is determined to make sure that the training she delivers is incredibly effective.

The “Language Energy Programme” combining walking and talking,  has been tweaked and improved constantly over the last 10 years, to become a very sought after and appreciated alternative to classroom English lessons or learning English in a stuffy meeting room.


Business Studies Bachelors of Arts (Hons) Degree Dipl. Betriebswirtin (FH)
Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma
Online language teaching qualification
DSV nordic walking qualification.


Corinne has learned five foreign languages after full-time work, without lessons or coaching for her profession.

Active Languages:
German & English
Inactive Languages:
Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish.  (Reuters Equity Analysis)


* HypoVereinsbank (Financial, Technical)
* Roland Berger (HR, Consulting)
* Wuestenrot (Technical, Project Mgt)
* Astra Zeneca (Medical, Marketing 121, eLearning concept)
* Heidenhain (Technical, International eLearning)
* Interpol (121)
* Nordea (Financial & Marketing)
* Swan (Technical, Engineering)
* Daikin (Technical, Sales)

* Independent journalists, architects and designers
* Self-employed women in retail, gastronomy and medicine

Further Education Clients

Salzburg University,
Munich University,
FHS in Rovaniemi,
FHS in Kokkola,
University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg
Indisoft in Hamburg Technical English


Corinne spoke at eLearning Day in Wedel, about language learning content creation for corporate learners and she has also spoken about how to use WebQuests and other technology for teaching Technical English at the BESIG (Business English Special Interest Group) of the International Association of Teaching English as a Foreign Language.


Formerly a radio presenter (amateur) so comfortable on air for podcast or radio interviews.
Hammersmith Hospital (England), Radio Kokkola (Finland)

  • Learning languages independently
  • Vocabulary learning techniques
  • Overcoming your fear of speaking English
  • Marketing for Entrepreneurs
  • Online language learning v Face to face learning
  • ERASMUS & other overseas working experience
  • Blended Learning
  • Learning with movement and fresh air
  • Bilingual parenting and schools

Media Experience

Volunteer Co-presenter
* Kokkola Radio (Finland)
* Hammersmith Hospital Radio (UK)
International Press Management Trainer at PwC, Arthur Andersen

Social Media

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