You know how it is –  you keep meaning to “do something about your English” but find yourself reaching for your English novel, thinking “Well it’s better than nothing”.

It is.

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It is a lot better than not doing anything. Plus the great thing about reading is that you are ‘absorbing perfect language’ on a topic that interests you. If you make a grammar mistake but read it said the right way,  enough times, then your brain will rewire your grammar for you, cool huh?

Reading a novel is great, you get wrapped up in the story and that is a great motivator to keep reading.

Reading a business book about your industry or skills you want to improve on is even more relevant in terms of vocabulary but at the end of a busy day, something more lighthearted or the news might be a little more appealing, that’s cool too.

Reading is far easier than speaking because you can do it on your own, practically everywhere. Never stop reading honey, it is the language learning secret weapon to my mind.

Me too!

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There are lots of other things that you can do that don’t cost a cent and I have decided to share some of those with you on a live video in my Facebook Page Professional English for Women. I’ll be there every Tuesday at 7am . So make sure that you have earplugs or a headset handy, go on rifle through your handbag just before 7 and make sure they’re close to hand.

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Tuesday at 7am, have your earbuds handy.

After the short video, I will be in the Professional English for Women group until 9am to answer any questions.  Just type them in after the welcome live video and I’ll get back to you ASAP (As soon as possible).


What questions can you expect?

Well that is entirely up to you and you can shape the session but the questions I hear a lot from my clients are…

  • How do I say … in English?
  • How do I ask someone if they want a drink without sounding like a school girl?
  • What’s the best way to say no politely but assertively?
  • How do I let my English speaking client know that they are asking me to include services that weren’t included in the agreement and that it is going to affect the budget or schedule or both?


  • …what’s on your mind?
  • How can I help you ‘crush’ your English communication?

and the best thing is…

that, if you don’t have anything specific yourself, you still get to learn from what the others want to know, for free, just come in and join us and see for yourself.

When I first came to Germany everybody expected it to be easy for me to get help with my German, after all I was living with a German fella. But the bottom line is that if someone is helping you, it is often according to their schedule. By offering this weekly slot, I am trying to create a window in time, when you can come on in and ask your questions and get the help you need.


I’ll be there every Tuesday this February at 7-9am … (Regular fee €75/hour)


…save up your questions or post them in the “Professional English for Women” FB page ahead of time where you see this “Coffee with Coco” post.

The more people that find out about this, the more vibrant and informative it will be. I would love to welcome women from a range of different industries and responsibilities to come in and take part. Your questions will fuel the success of this approach.

If nobody comes up with questions (it can be daunting to be the first after all)  I will have typical questions ready but of course it would be so much more interesting for you guys and for me if I were to be able to help you with something specific that can help you run your business more successfully.

See you on Tuesday at 7am for a short live video!