It is not yet the end of January, but we are getting close, so why am I only now, really getting my stuff together? Just two days ago I looked at my office and realised that, “You know what, Corinne? It looks like you’ll be in Berlin for a while, so if you are going to make this place the realm of productivity and English teaching prowess, this office needs to be optimised.

Spontaneous by Nature

So because I am a spur of the moment kind of gal, I decided to move my desk right in front of the window, so that the sun can stroke my soul and daylight can illuminate my working space. I can now just reach up and open the window. It feels good to sit there and now I can either work standing up, which is better for my back, my productivity and my voice projection when I am recording videos and audio bytes but I can also sit down for lesson planning.

Second Thoughts

I now have space to spread out and already I have been very productive at my new working space in my office but I couldn’t help but feel, half way through – you know, that in between the old and the ready to work again phase – the messy, dusty, “do I really want to be doing this right now phase?”, whether I was using this as an excuse to procrastinate? I used to do that at uni when I just couldn’t get started with something, despite having done the research and having a rough outline on paper.

No I decided, I really needed to get my work space in order and it feels good.

What’s the connection?

Ironically I will be teaching two of my clients about conjunctions this week and perhaps for me, my office was the ‘Stolperfalle’ or stumbling block between my teaching style, language teaching knowledge and getting it to flow beautifully into teaching materials like it used to.

DUE TO moving my desk, I have more light now OR I have more light now, due to moving my desk.

What a relief that we can use the conjunctions either way around?

AS A RESULT of being able to reach my window from my desk, I now tend to air my office each time I leave the office to make myself a cup of tea.

GIVEN THAT I need to work both standing up and sitting down, I really should have come up with a more practical solution earlier, without having to move my laptop every time.

       So which conjunction do you feel awkward using? 

       Do you have a conjunction, that “sounds wrong” when you use it? 

       Would you like to know where to put it and know what impact it should have on the rest of the sentence, without getting bogged down in the grammar?

If so, come into for Byte Sized Business English which will be held every Tuesday at 2pm (GMT+1) starting this week. It’s free, it’s fun, it’s conversation about business topics and strategies.

The great thing about Blab is that you can either just listen in, or – go on – be brave and join me. I challenge you to hop in even if it is literally for a few minutes to ask a question, make a comment or take our quiz. There will be a free paperback novel in English (by snail mail) for everyone joining me in an open seat.

It is a great way to actively use your professional English.



“Conjunctions are to
language what accessories are to your outfit. Small in size, big in impact! #bytengl”


So rather than giving those pesky connecting words the opportunity to rob your speaking confidence, let’s nail them, use them, hear them being used and believe me, you’ll get that ‘Ahaa!” moment.

Conjunctions like anything, are easy once you know how.

Join us for more at Blab on Tuesday at two and remember, “If you don’t use it, you lose it!”. It’s just a twenty minute session.Oh and don’t worry if you’re running ‘late’, join us anyway, it’s a fun and a productive way to ask about any Business English questions you have. You’ll love it.

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