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As the British saying goes, “It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all!” and whilst this is of little reassurance when you are heartbroken, with a little time to reflect, when the pangs inside you don’t seem to be tearing you apart emotionally, it is true.


It is better to have experienced something and made a mistake or learn how to live without it because you know that there is something else, new, different and wonderful out there. But I am talking to you about the love of nature here. It’s something that we take for granted and yet it is the ultimate stress management resource that we have at our disposal, that costs little to nothing to enjoy and is often a lot closer than people realise – even in a capital city like Berlin, Amsterdam or London.

Taking time out for some fresh air to get those muscles moving, whilst getting your heart to pump a little faster is like a body reboot. Just by going outdoors stretching as tall as you can and then slumping down, taking three deep wonderful breaths in and three even longer breaths out can give our bodies a wonderful surge of energy, freshness like sparkling water or a block of ice and yet, how many of us do it? I have to force myself to remember about the little things in life. Do you?


In today’s fast-moving digital world, we race, we type, we take photos, we have too many tabs open, too many projects, too many things on our to-do list and yet isn’t this a wonderful opportunity to really ask ourselves “What is really important. What matters?”

I have friends whose older parents have just been operated on and they can’t go and visit, but they know now how important this relationship is to them. I have another friend who is stranded, another is struggling to keep on top of her payments in a startup. This anguish, this struggle and frustration often have an upside. it makes us realise what we do have, it also forces us to think out of the box, start something new, target a new audience or find a new way to connect.


Sure there are inconveniences, but my son ,for instance, has 14 hours more a week to learn for his exams – who knows if he appreciates this, but that is a lot of extra time, time to relax and recharge or of course he might choose to rebel and seek out even more screen time. I would hope that he will make the right decision, I can guide and hope, I can lead by example, I can provide him with choices, I can distract him, support him, help him to manage this newly won freedom but I honestly believe that the children and teachers forced to adapt will come out stronger and more resilient.

I also believe that we will learn to appreciate nature more, I do hope that #Languagenergy, my language training programme outdoors in the fresh air will become tantalisingly tempting.


In the meantime, because I genuinely believe that people should get outdoors for their soul, their immune system and their Vitamin D intake, I have an initiative that anybody anywhere can take part in, it’s a WhatsApp Walk & Talk group, to give us the motivation to get out there, we can exchange photos, chat in English and appreciate each other, nature and the opportunity to get fit.

This was inspired by me trying to keep up with my son last week as we went jogging during his sports lesson, I walk a lot but this really exposed a lack of fitness, so I am doing the Couch to 5K programme from the NHS. It is an app that helps you to get fit without injury, it inspires, informs and keeps you on track, here are the details of the FREE programme, because I seriously need to get fit and if I don’t do it now, when will I do it? Exactly, it’s now or never because most of us have more time on our hands, so we should use it to do something for ourselves.

I posted it via Nebenan …
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