I have just noticed that the majority of your blog comments were going through to spam. I have only just discovered them and was so touched by what people have said.

Thanks for Motivating Me Today!

On a day like today when the sun is shining and my mountain bike is …

…begging me to take it out for a spin in the forest, I was struggling to find the momentum to write today. If you are one of the people that has sent me a message I will get back to you. I am just taking one at a time. Be patient please.

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Next time I need inspiration I am going to check out the comments again, it was all I needed to get started. Perfect, thank you!

The Byte Sized English show is at the Professional English for Women page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CocoProfessionalEnglish/

So this week I had one of my longest Facebook Live shows so far. I was talking about networking and why we need to be doing more of it and how to go about doing so.

I talked about why I am organising this fabulous Business Networking in English event in Windsor. It’s next month.

Basically it is all about having an authentic training ground. Somewhere that you can practice your newly discovered or polished off and refined English networking skills. Using those phrases with like-minded business women. That makes it less intimidating and more realistic at the same time.

Many women have seen their English slip, as other priorities like career or family have taken over. So there will be a lot of word searching, I’m sure. But don’t worry,  if German is your native language I am pretty good at coming up with instant translations.

This week’s show was almost 30 minutes long. I am becoming more comfortable doing them now, clearly, it is quite nerve wrecking to start with. Fortunately, I am actually quite enjoying it now and look forward to doing my “Byte Sized Business English Show” every Tuesday morning at 8.30.

She is the boss, isn’t she?

He isn’t the boss, is he?


For this of you that have always struggled with question tags, this is for you, feel free to share, I would love that.

ByteSizeEnglish QUESTION TAGS explained

So I am off to meet a friend for lunch, the sun is shining and it’s time to go but before I do, could I ask you to do me a favour?

Can you tell me

Would you be more likely to post on my facebook page Professional English for Women if it were a closed GROUP, rather than a page?

Please comment, I would really love that!!!!

I’ll be reading those comments more regularly now, won’t I?
I won’t forget to read the comments now, will I?

🙂 You can even practice it with your kids at the park.