So you’ve decided that it’s time to get fit – but what are you going to wear? Well, thankfully, if you’re not a fan of super-clingy Lycra show off wear, there is now  plenty of really fashionable fitness wear that doesn’t expose every inch of wobble that you’re trying to tone up.

Fitness wear is certainly no longer just for the super skinny, meaning you can dress for sport and feel great while you look the part too.

If you are thinking of getting fit (again) the options are endless with well-known sportswear ranges like Nike, Ellesse and Pineapple now being available from retailers like Simply Be Euro in UK sizes 12 – 30. (40+)

Those of you that have already joined me for language Energy will know that I am a big fan of Adidas, but it is all about finding a good fit and style for you. There’s an amazing selection of relaxed fitness wear, from loose fitting jogging pants and yoga pants to skin tight leggings and even shorts if you’re feeling brave.

If, like me, you feel self-conscious about your legs, a looser fit pair of yoga pants are spot on. There are some chic and on-trend versions of the old classic ‘jogging bottoms’ to choose from that will make you feel good while keeping your legs cool and covered. I often wear zip off hiking trousers so that I have plenty of pockets for my language cards, lip conditioner and dictaphone.


There’s also a massive selection of colours and fabrics to choose from. A relaxed, loose fitting jogging pant with a fabric that stretches is great for walking, but think water resistant too, I recommend going for a natural fabric or running gear specifically designed to wick sweat away from your skin. This keeps you more comfortable and because these materials dry faster, there’s less chance of catching a cold too.

You can really have some fun with fitness tops. Again, online is best to find anything suitable for curvier bodies, the main fitness brands all sell online and through retailers like Simply Be. If you’re self-conscious about your hips and tummy, opt for a long line fitness tee or vest that keeps you cool but skims your bumpy bits. Of course, if you have an amazing figure you will probably want to show it off in a figure hugging vest top, and why shouldn’t you? If it’s chilly though, a longline top, yoga shrug or the old favourite fleece will serve you well, plus you can tie it round your waist until your bum has less bulge.

No matter what your body shape, I really must stress, that even for someone with not a lot upstairs like myself, that for comfort, you need to invest in a sports bra. Even smaller boobs need support when you’re doing something active, so find yourself a supportive bra that keeps our best assets in one place. No need to buy white, go for something fun and funky to get you into the mood for a workout. It will make you more comfortable and ,together’, freeing your mind for contemplation, planning or language learning podcasts.

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