Most women heading a start up have not been using their English professionally for some time now.  That means that getting your message out to the millions with POWER could be a problem.

Remember, you only have one chance to make a first impression.

“Can you honestly say that you can talk professionally and passionately about your amazing new solution in English?”

If like me, you hate compromise and have too little time to settle for anything less than 100% relevance,  then you are going to LOVE this flexible, feline approach! In 30 days time, your pronunciation paranoia will have been zapped and your vocabulary will have sky rocketed but more importantly your confidence speaking English will be better than it has ever been.

You’ll be the woman who knows what she wants and how she’s going to achieve it.

This revolutionary blended learning solution (face to face training plus online training) combines the flexibility of online learning with the face to face advantages of keeping each other accountable and interacting in real time with like minded entrepreneurs with the same goals.

Stage 1. A half day seminar in Berlin.

Stage 2. Work independently, yet with the accountability and feedback from the group, it’s a tight time scale because we are squeezing a lot in, but it is flexible. Make time every day to work on your 30 day online series of English language ‘start up specific’ challenges in the closed Byte Sized English group on Facebook

Stage 3. A hands on, communication powered full day seminar in Berlin. This course, that is written specifically with your needs in mind as a start up business owner is €249,99 for + Access to your very own native speaking personal English tutor from the UK for 30 days. + Live Interaction in a closed group with like minded ladies in technology based start ups. + Video or audio Modules for each topic with accompanying worksheets + Grammar Guides + Start Up Terms & Terminology Glossary +Pronunciation Power Audio Guides + Weekly Q&A Session

Which language skills will we be working on?

1. Welcome Meet n Greet Seminar Introductions to each other and how to get the most out of this course, particularly the online part.

2. Online 30 Days Programme 1. Goals. What do you want to achieve and why? Create your own Mission Board. 2. Limitations and Opportunities 3. Workarounds and Logistics strategies 4. Your experience, your activity, your plans: The ultimate tense workout with 100% relevance. 5. Where are you at and what are you struggling with? 6.You, your USP and how that impacts your idea. 7. Finding your champions, clients and staff? Where are they and why should they care? 8. Benefits versus Features – get your message across, create/improve your pitch, with video, audio and text. 9. Peer Group Evaluation. How to give and take constructive feedback, a critical team building skill. 10. Creating your FAQs & Media Packages.

3. Final Seminar 12. Social Media Management 13. Time & Resource Management 14. Stress Management and self care 15. Building and Keeping a team through motivation, involvement and respect. I have yet to decide dates, I will be doing that with the participants themselves, after all it is more or less personal training option with a group collaboration element, so it has to be a workable time frame for everyone involved. I’ll put you through your paces but I can assure you that you will come out feeling confident to speak to literally anybody about your new venture in English, because we will have practiced and polished until it becomes a really natural thing to do.


If you are not confident speaking in English by the end of your 30 day programme, I will refund your money. Simple.

Cost €249,99 per person payable up front. This is a tax deductible expense.

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