One great way to stay focused on your tasks for the day is to always have a list of your priorities in front of you on a daily basis. You know what they say “out of sight is

out of mind”. Meaning what you don’t see, doesn’t bother you. For some that might mean closing the door to an untidy room (normally one of the kids rooms but in our house it is the guest room).

So here is a tip that I got from my business friend Aloted Omoba.

“Get a small note book or even an index card and write out the top 5 things you want to achieve for that day. Like a regular to do list but limited to just five things. The key is to keep it with you at all times, dresses aren’t ideal for this, in which case slide it into your phone case if you have one but easiest of all for casual chicks like me is to keep it in your pocket. Keep checking the list, possibly just 3 to 5 times a day, maybe more often and ask yourself “Am I still on track?”

Not rocket science right? But by doing this you will automatically start to make more conscious decisions during the day. You’ll find yourself saying no to colleagues that you normally caved in to, you’ll keep those priorities right up there. Even if urgent interruptions come, there is no need to beat yourself up about it, (giving yourself a bad time or criticising yourself) because one glance at your list and you are able to regain focus as soon as you are done with the firefighting that is par for the course (typical) for project work. My personal tip here is to take a small piece (not peace) of paper, that keeps your goals realistic because there just isn’t space for too many tasks.

Aloted shares a lot more strategies just like this in her Take Back Control of Your Time Program. More information can be found here

Do check it out but only ONCE YOU HAVE WRITTEN YOUR OWN LIST 🙂
I know, I can be a bit of a tough cookie sometimes but fortunately just one byte at a time.