It’s something that we all struggle with I guess, but trying something new, something that is different to what you do well, is always a leap of faith isn’t it?

Well here in Berlin, we have a great group of women who do all kinds of fun stuff from international cooking, to book nights, to essential oils make and take sessions, it is a fun way to get a little me time in between running my business. It is the American Women’s Club and despite me not being an American, I have been made to feel very welcome.

So having lived in Germany for 17 years now,  I have a fairly good command of spoken German and given that I am a language trainer, the idea was born for me to take a group of three ladies for a semi intensive German course at a cafe in Berlin. Just for beginners.

Despite me being very up front about my grammatical shortcomings, I did feel quite self conscious about my German – not helped may I add by my hubby (husband) and son, who seemed to think that the notion of me teaching German was quite hilarious. Not fuelling my confidence here at all. Thanks guys!


So the bottom line is that these fabulous, feisty women had already been learning German for some time, but they still had huge inhibitions about their German and very little opportunity to practice.

“What have I agreed to?”
“Haven I taken on too much here?”

So today, is  our last session ,and we had 10 all together, on Monday and Wednesday mornings, from 9-11.30 as a rule.

Well they were fairly entrenched in insecurity at the start, but their word power has rocketed, their grammar is slipping into place and their motivation to speak and try out the German that they do have has gone through the roof. Now they are looking for opportunities to say things and being braver (from brave) when they are out and about too.


So ultimately, despite my inhibitions about stepping (or venturing) out of my comfort zone, my skills as a language trainer linked with my own experience of learning German (and four other languages) independently whilst in a full time job,  enabled me to help these ladies to break out of ‘their‘ own comfort zone.



Sometimes a girl just has to go for it! So tell me what are you going to do by Friday? – something that you have been thinking about but not actually doing, a task or job or phone call, that pushes you out of your comfort zone, come in to our facebook group and be brave.


Just type in Professional English for Women in the FB search bar and you’ll find us.

I’ll keep you accountable if you mark your post with a star, because that makes you a star!


Check in next week to find out my ‘lessons learned’ and how it has improved my teaching and enabled me to focus.