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Walk & Talk

This revolutionary fresh approach to teaching Business English has been constantly enhanced since I launched it in the Bavarian mountains in 2006.

My down to earth clients really love this, because they feel like they aren’t learning at all.

It makes learning literally as easy as ‘a walk in the park’, making #languagenergy an excellent alternative to surviving conventional Business English lessons in a stuffy meeting room.

HR Professionals:
If your problem is bums on seats, try this!

I’m just a click away To help you make faster progress, I provide you with  language learning bytes between your sessions via your smart phone. (Handy)

This makes it easy for you to access your mobile learning modules every week day.

Each exercise is tailor made, based on your mistakes and communication goals.

WhatsApp works best but happy to use another app too

Relax and the words will flow.

Walk&Talk: 3 x Sessions in 6 weeks
Calls: 6 x Online Coaching Calls in 6 weeks
WhatsApp Business English Bytes & Conversation
Berlin & Potsdam
Pricing: 1600€ (or  3 x €540)
Individual #languagenergy days available for €389
Perfect if you have to perform in English and want to practice and get individual language feedback

Wouldn’t it be great to be a part of the business conversation for once?

Speak freely in English without having to worry about finding the right words. I’ll help you find them. Allow the nature to calm your thoughts and fuel your fluency as we walk. Learn to really listen. Discover that once you relax, you can understand and say a lot more. It feels amazing – a real confidence booster!

Conversation first!
Pronunciation and grammar on a need to know basis.

That’s the Byte Sized English approach.
Making language learning irresistible.

By talking to me, a German speaking, native speaker of English, about topics that are affecting you and your work, you’ll soon be able to find the words to express yourself with more confidence.

I help you to communicate more effectively in English right now.  I teach you what you need to know first according to your career or business situation and goals.

Each time 

we focus on your current communication challenge.

My favourite learning space is in nature, because outdoors we are relaxed, yet focused, it’s a dynamic combination.

WhatsApp support with vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation keeps your mind ticking over in English as a fundamental part of this digital immersion programme.

Lets walk and talk in English. This is a great way to relax, allowing the words to flow. Making this not only unique but also incredibly efficient: exercise in the fresh air stimulates the brain, making it easier to remember and use the new vocabulary and the grammar just slips into place.

It’s easy, one step at a time.

“Improving my Business English has never been so enjoyable.”

#Languagenergy Days

1. Cafe (30 minutes) 10.00-10.30

Let’s ease ourselves into English with a coffee and some small talk, getting to know each other and finding out what today’s communication focus will be.

2. Walk & Talk (90 minutes) 10.30-12.00

The great thing about being in the nature is that the panic about speaking in English just seems to disappear. Just you and I, no pressure.  I drive the conversation and help you find any words that you used to know or need to know. As the words start to flow, I challenge you to express yourself with more precision and power, based on the communication focus we identified. Every time we meet, I have less to correct.

3. Lunch (60 minutes) 12.00-13.00

By now we will have worked up an appetite and your head will probably be spinning after concentrating on your English for so long, so you might well enjoy a glass of wine with your meal (that’s why these tend to be on a Friday afternoon). We chat about the week ahead as we wait for our food to arrive and then as we wait for coffee or dessert, I give you some more detailed language feedback. We also schedule our Virtual Coaching Webinar. (I pay the bill)

4.  Virtual Coaching Webinar (60 minutes)

Monday-Wednesday of the following week ideally.

Based on the language feedback I captured on my smartphone during the walk, I will prepare conversation based tasks where you will be using those new words and structures. If there are any new or unfamiliar language elements I will explain them first. If you have any questions bring them to the webinar and we can explore them in detail.

5.  WhatsApp Business English Bytes (VIP access for 12 days)

For 10 working days, you get immediate, convenient access to activities and exercises to help you improve your business conversation, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and improve mistakes that we discovered on our #languagenergy walk&talk.

This strategic use of instant messenger makes improving your Business English irresistible because it is in ‘bite sized chunks’ that you can work on whenever you find a moment in your schedule.

It’s like having a native speaking coach in your bag or back pocket


Did You Know…?

Most of my #languagenergy clients start by buying just one session, after all, they are quite an investment.But nearly everyone immediately books up for a package so you might decide just to book a series of sessions from the get go.

The secret is …

to reserve your individual sessions immediately because I usually only run them once a week, so there are only 40 slots a year. You can imagine they get booked up fast.


My clients tell me that because it is such an enjoyable way to ‘work on’ their Business English, it gets them to their goals faster – no fluff but lots of fun.

Reassurance – just a click away.

It’s not something they want to be without. They love the fact that they can reach me at any time during that time for questions, corrections and WhatsApp support with anything English.


As your English improves, you will automatically start looking for more opportunities to use your English. Clients that started with a real fear of ‘speaking’ in English are now actively using their English to do exciting things in their careers and businesses. That can be you too!

“I could do the talk in German, but I chose to do it in English”

Nera Horvat, Production Manager, Siemens

(After 6 sessions)