My Coaching Packages

Whether you want to prepare for your next keynote presentation or a tough client meeting, I'll make sure you'll make a professional impression. Let's meet outdoors to practice your business conversation in the fresh air or online via video conferencing software.

Walk&Talk - Fit in Englisch und in Bewegung

Virtuell - Souverän und Englisch auftreten


The mix of online and outdoor training has proven itself time and time again. I love the flexibility of not having to ‘waste’ valuable face to face time with grammar and instead taking advantage of the park steps for example to do grammar drills.

With a combination of both I can ensure that you are speaking a lot and communicating about your business and expertise without feeling that I am neglecting your reading skills for instance, because you can do that between the sessions from your favourite device.

My go to tool is WhatsApp, it is incredibly versatile and you don’t need to log in each time. One of my clients calls it Handbag English.

You always have your smart phone with you, so you can take advantage of those small pockets of time to do something constructive and yet still learn in a sociable and enjoyable way.

Who said English couldn’t be professional and fun? Not me.

Blended Learning conventionally provides a mix of online and face to face training, but with my unique face to face approach, being outdoors in the fresh air, it is even more effective.

I love that!

If you’re not in Berlin or Potsdam, no problem, lots of my VIPs meet me online before work for a focused communication challenge or a business conversation, relevant to their industry and work. 

My ‘Pure Online VIPs‘ have exclusive access to my support between 7 and 9am for a personal, deep dive coaching before their work day even begins. Imagine feeling ready for any conversation in English.

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