The rain has already been and gone, no more registrations please. This is ideal if you can appreciate the balance of learning a language with movement, it makes learning English soooo much more effective.

So no matter how rusty your English is, …

So no matter how rusty your English is  you’ll find that being outdoors makes you feel so much more relaxed and in no time you’ll find yourself

understanding more,

saying more

and usually

laughing more.

If you’re the kind of person that likes to make notes when you are learning something new, don’t panic, because I make a recording of the session and that recording is used to fuel your learning with more online language learning support after the session. So you’ll get all of the new vocabulary and grammar feedback that we covered during the session. The online part is optional and flexible but most ladies love it.

We’ll be walking and talking in English and I, as your walking dictionary will be able to help you with any words that have escaped your mind. You’ll be doing something for your fitness and your English at the same time, because walking and talking is so easy to combine, even if you are new to nordic walking or haven’t spoken English for a while.

If you have flexible working hours, then the chances are that you are a great multitasker, racing around for your clients, your boss if you have one and of course your family . But what about you? Don’t you deserve just 75 minutes out of your working week, to do something for your career or business and your fitness.

Taking time out for yourself can feel indulgent but actually the chances are that if you don’t learn to look after yourself then your health is going to suffer. Come on Wednesday and experience for yourself, how it feels to invest 75 minutes or your time in your fitness and your personal development with other inspirational women here in Berlin. You’ll also get back into the office feeling energized and ready to go.

We will be doing trials or ‘Schnupper’ in three areas of Berlin.

      • 09.30 in Charlottenburg 
      • 12:00 in Volkspark Friedrichshain,Märchenbrünnen.
      • 14:00 in Tiergarten